Christmas Decorating – Ideas To Make Your House Glow!

There are so many different Christmas decorating ideas, that every year I learn about a new idea and I’m off an running! I love Christmas, and everything that comes along with it! But, one thing I have learned, is to not go so overboard that it completely wipes me out and takes the fun out of holiday decorating. So, below are a few ideas to help you make your holiday sparkle.

What is it about Christmas that brings out so many emotions and so many memories? Everyone has a favorite memory, one that seems to float above all others. And in the end, it is more about the memories we make, than the money we spend.

There are many holiday decorating ideas that you can do on a budget. And sometimes, the most beautiful cheap Christmas decorations are made from bringing the outdoors in! A few pine cones and Christmas ball ornaments laying on the top of a dining buffet can be simply elegant! I think kids Christmas crafts can be some of the most endearing displays in the home.

Here is a list of Christmas decorating ideas. Just click on the link, and you are on your way to creating some holiday happiness.

Christmas Wreaths

Mesh ribbon is so easy to work with when making this Christmas wreath. Give it a try! Do you love burlap? Take a look at a tutorial on making a burlap wreath, and a whimsical wreath!

Table Setting Ideas

Create a stunning white Christmas table setting this year! For even more table setting ideas, here is another page. I just had more to share!

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Here is a page all about decorating a Christmas tree. For more inspiration dive into another page full of Christmas tree pictures.
Does adding ribbon to your tree cause major frustration? Learn how to add ribbon like a pro while lowering your blood pressure.

Using Natural Elements & White Decorating Ideas

Here is a page full of elegant Christmas decorating ideas.

Ready from some white Christmas decorating ideas? Doesn’t this snowman look adorable?

Do you love rustic Christmas decor? Take a look at a log cabin I decorated for the holidays.

Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

Look for some cheap Christmas decorations to make? Well, making a Christmas door decoration is cheap, fast, and easy! Why not make “JOY” a Christmas homemade gift for someone?

Christmas in a Log Cabin

Come see a cabin I decorated for the holidays.

Bows and Homemade Happiness

Learn how to make a bow for your wreath. Looking for some homemade Christmas gift ideas? Make some delicious Italian Christmas cookies.

Learn to make a burlap Christmas tree skirt!

Come see my snow village glass lamp.

Easy and Inexpensive Christmas Decorating Ideas

Here is a page full of easy Christmas decorating ideas that is also easy on the pocketbook!

Okay, which one of these Christmas decorating ideas are you ready to get started making?

Just an honest testimonial about the trials of decorating for the holidays:

Every year, I get so excited to start decorating my home for Christmas. But, to be perfectly honest, about 4 hours into it, I begin to feel overwhelmed. There are boxes everywhere!! It looks like I haven’t even made a dent!

My mood goes downhill; I begin to resent the Christmas songs playing on my radio; and then I wonder, Does anyone care how much work this takes?” Yep, I begin the Christmas pity party for one.

Finally, it hits me: I cannot make my home look like a magazine! First of all, my budget won’t allow for that, and second, a photo in a magazine is a quick, still shot in time! We live in our home!

It was then, I began to simplify my decorating. And, here is the funny thing– nobody in my family noticed! It made things easier on me to realize my family isn’t looking for perfection.

So, the Christmas music is back on, the boxes are back in the attic. Some boxes still have things in them, like the nutcracker that can’t crack nuts, but no big deal, I have my sanity and eggnog!

With a little extra planning, your holidays can hopefully be a little less stressful. Remember, the power to create special memories for others is a gift and a privilege.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

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