Accessorizing Ideas – The Last Layer of Design

Accessorizing ideas can come from many different avenues. Accessorizing a room is the last decorating layer for a room. It is the jewelry of the outfit so to speak. Done correctly, and you have the “wow factor”.

accessorizing bedroom
Accessorizing a bedroom beautiful

One of my favorite places to look for inspiration is on Pinterest. I’m constantly watching how other people accessorize their rooms.

Three Common Mistakes

It has been my experience that most people make three common mistakes:

  1. Using too many little items and creating a very cluttered look.
  2. The accessories that are chosen are way under scale for the particular piece of furniture or wall.
  3. Having an over abundance of photos in all different kinds of photo frames.

There are many different things that are used for accessories. Photo frames, candle sticks, pottery, etc.  You want to make sure that all the items are the right scale, and that YOU love them, and that is the key!  It really isn’t too hard, once you have chosen the right combination.

One of the decorating rules I use constantly is decorating in “3’s”.  It helps me keep things neat and uncluttered.  I use varying heights of decor.

Living Room Accessorizing

Accessorizing Ideas from Jennifer
Accessorizing with the rule of “3’s”

In this photo is a great example of “decorating in 3’s”.  It is simple, neat, and looks great.

Accessorizing ideas for a Large Table

Accesorizing Ideas from Jennifer
Table accessorizing ideas

This is a photo I took when visiting King’s Chapel Parade of Homes.  I love this table, and thought the accessories were absolutely perfect.

Accesorizing Ideas from Jennifer
Using books to add height

Here the designer used books to vary the height of these decor items.  Books are fantastic decor items.  I shop at antique stores for old books.   They make inexpensive decor items that have character and charm.

accessorizing ideasHere the two lamps chosen are very tall and large.  It fills the empty space above the table.  The large floral arrangement is perfect, and softens the entire look.

Accessorizing Ideas from Jennifer Decorates
Adding a sofa table behind a couch

Need more light behind your couch?  Add a small narrow sofa table.


Accessorizing Ideas
Before and after entryway
Here is an entryway that just didn’t have any character or charm. This is just my opinion and preference; but I do not like a mirror hung across from the front door. When guests open the door, the first thing they see is themselves. The small table wasn’t doing anything for the space, so I replaced it with a larger piece of furniture. A lamp in the entryway is always inviting.  Don’t have the bulb watt higher than 40. The soft light is much more appealing and soothing.

Dining Room Accessorizing Ideas

Accessorizing Ideas
Dining room buffet

Again, the simple rule of “decorating in 3’s”, works well. Learn how to make your own silk flower arrangements.

Accessorizing Ideas
Using greenery in your accessories

You can also find a floral container and fill it with unique greenery balls like these that I found at the craft store.

Kitchen Decor

Accessorizing Ideas
Using a tray to display your accessories

I like to keep kitchen decor simple and elegant.  It is very easy to overdo it and have too many items displayed on your counter tops.

Accessorizing Ideas
Accessorizing a kitchen without over cluttering

This is a photo of my kitchen.  A clean uncluttered kitchen is always so inviting.  And a cookie jar full of double-stuffed Oreos is  a most welcoming site.

Accessorizing Ideas
Another example of decorating in “3’s”

This little vignette sits behind a glass shelf in my kitchen cabinet.

Coffee Table Decor

Accessorizing Ideas
Beautiful jars filled with beans

When trying to decide on accessorizing ideas for a coffee table, don’t be afraid to use things that have a little height.  I used a tray with large glass jars full of different beans for this unique coffee table decor.

Decorating a living room
An airy and lovely living room makeover

Again, recurring theme of using a tray, but in this instance, it serves a dual purpose.  Not only does the tray look great, but it makes it easy  to remove the accessories when the client needs to retrieve items from inside this trunk coffee table.

Bedroom Accessorizing

Accessorizing Ideas from Jennifer
Bedroom accessorizing

King’s Chapel Parade of Homes

Whether you are accessorizing a master bedroom or a guest bedroom, keep things simple and elegant.  Less is more in these rooms.  You want to create comfort along with serenity and calm.  A mirror looks great above this bed.  Many times when beginning to decorate a client’s bedroom, the first thing I notice is that their bedside lamps are too small.  These lamps are the perfect size.

Accessorizing Ideas from Jennifer
Bedroom reading chair

If you have the space in your bedroom, a small occasional chair and small table, makes a perfect spot to catch up on your reading.

Accessorizing Ideas
Sweet guest room

This little table is in my guest bedroom. A simple lamp, clock, and fresh flowers is the perfect combination for such a small table.

Accessorizing Ideas
Vintage clock from Target


When you are going to accessorize minimally, choose things that have character and charm. This old fashioned clock is from Target. The silver adds a little “bling” to the table.

Accessorizing Ideas
Faux painted dresser

I adore this little  dresser in my guest room.  I was lucky to of found it already painted in the perfect color for my guest room.

Bathroom Accessorizing Ideas

Accessorizing Ideas
Bathroom accessories


If you have a garden tub, find a silver tray and fill it with different bathroom decor like I did above.  Nothing is prettier than clean white towels!

Accessorizing Ideas
A little greenery and faith


Do you have a small corner on your vanity? A touch of greenery is the perfect idea!

Accessorizing Ideas for a Bookshelf

Accessorizing Ideas
Bookshelf accessorizing

Bookshelves can be extremely challenging when it comes to accessorizing! It is about finding the right balance between accessories and books! Here is a whole page all about accessorizing a bookshelf.

Accessorizing Ideas
Adorable bookends

Find interesting bookends to add interest to accessorizing your bookshelf.

Pillow Love

Accessorizing Ideas from Jennifer
Pillow love

Another quick accessorizing tip is pillows! I don’t know how many clients I have visited who were in desperate need of new pillows! There are too many sad and flat pillows out there.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall…

Accessorizing ideas from Jennifer
Accessorizing with mirrors

Learn to accessorize with mirrors.  Mirrors make a room look larger, add light, and can change the feel of an entire room.


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  1. says

    Love this post! You really have a good eye. I always have to confirm with my mom when styling because something always just looks a little “off” and she usually finds it immediately! I’m posting an entryway sneak peak on Thursday, and I’d love your opinion :) Thanks for sharing at “From Dream to Reality” link-up! Pinning and tweeting 😉

  2. Glory says

    I’m so glad I subscribed! Your hospitality intro caused a tiny ache in my heart for simpler times and genuine kindnesses. I didn’t chop wood, but as a child growing up on a cotton mill village in Ga.,I did haul in many buckets of coal. I’ll be forever grateful for my Grandmothers influence. Decor was not high on her must do list, but our painted and waxed floors shined around cotton rugs she’d knotted. She may have operated a cotton loom at the mill, but she could pour tea with as much grace as a queen from her prized S&H green stamp tea pot. Her motto, Feed anyone who comes in your house, because child, you don’t know the last time they ate! Thanks for the memories.

  3. nicole says

    Hello, i Love the paint color on the bedroom wal with the dresser amd black mirror. It is perfect for my room. Can you tell me what color that is please? Thank you.

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