Front Porch Decorating Ideas – Weekend Porch Makeover for $150!

Front Porch Decorating Ideas may not be at the top of your list. But, your front entryway is the first impression of your home. Many times it gets neglected. I think it is so easy to do this, especially if you typically enter through another door.

We have all heard of “curb appeal”. It is really important to step back and take a look at your front entryway and see how does it really look. What kind of impression does it truly give? That is exactly what my husband and I did.

So, we gathered our building list and spent a weekend tearing down, building up, painting, and replacing.
This was a really fun weekend project! I was amazed at the difference!

What a difference a weekend of hard work made! We should of done this project years ago!

First, a little demolition…

If there is demolition involved in a DIY project, nothing gets a man more excited!  The little boy comes out in them, and the thought of being allowed to make a mess is just too much.

Our front porch really needed some updating. The railing and wooden scroll work dated this porch in the 80’s. So, we started with the railing. We decided to add square, wooden porch columns.

To simplify things we built the square columns right over the existing posts.

Replace Those Old Light Fixtures!

This is a pretty simple change that makes a huge impact. In the evening, walk out to the street and see how well your front door is lit by your lighting.  You really want your front door to be well lit.

Paint the Old Furniture

Nothing says easy like a can of spray paint! It took two cans of black paint to give new life to this old rocking chair! Add a pillow to give a pop of color.

The Finished Project
Our front porch decorating ideas on a budget.

A little fall decorating and a comfy pillow was all that was left to do! Samson and I are really enjoying the new look! Front porch decorating ideas do not have to be complicated.  Sometimes just cleaning and polishing everything makes the most difference.

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