Easter Decorating Ideas

Easter decorating ideas are fun and simple. I love this holiday because it symbolizes sweetness and excitement that winter is finally over.

Every year I love to look at magazines and Pinterest to try to come up with different and charming ideas. This holiday is all about coloring Easter eggs at the kitchen table, watching munchkins run through the yard swinging over-sized Easter baskets as they barrel past the obvious brightly colored egg in the grass.

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Would you like to make a beautiful Easter wreath? 

Easter Table Decorations

Are you having an Easter brunch and need some Easter table decorations? If you are looking for some table setting ideas, these are easy and inexpensive.

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You can really turn a plain setting into a fabulous table setting with chargers, colorful plates, and unique napkin rings.

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This little egg cup was another find at the craft store for $1.25.  I purchased a paint pen to write the initial. Just make sure to hard boil your eggs!

Easter Centerpiece Idea

Easter decorating ideas from JenniferDecorates.comI enjoy creating different centerpieces for my table.  I found two white bunnies at the craft store and placed them on each side of my floral arrangement.

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This is a banner I found at Target. I added the ribbon and flowers with a hot glue gun. Decorating your own banner is one of the easiest and inexpensive Easter craft ideas.

Outdoor Easter Decorations

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This is a front door of a local shop that I thought was gorgeous!! The use of mesh ribbon in bright colors really makes these Easter outdoor decorations beautiful! The shop owners intertwined flowers and garland around the ribbon.  Of course, this being an historic house doesn’t hurt either!

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The shop owner continued the brightly colored Easter theme by adding the mesh ribbon and flowers to the mailbox. If you are looking for Easter decorating ideas that are very inexpensive and create a huge impact, mesh ribbon is a wonderful way to decorate the outside of your home, especially if you are having a special Easter party at your home!

Need more inspirational ideas on Easter crafts? Stop by and visit Crafts for All Seasons.


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This is a silver bowl my mother gave me years ago.  I place some moss and three speckled eggs and to me, it is simple but elegant.

Easter decorating ideas from JenniferDecorates.comI found these little sheep at the grocery store!

We are so rushed these days with so many family and work obligations. It is hard to take a moment to slow down. But, I believe if we make ourselves stop and embrace the seasons and holidays by decorating our homes, even just a little bit, it really does give the gift of love to others.

The efforts you make are always worth it! Maybe not at the moment, but when you help friends and family create special memories, you are always special!

I hope you enjoy these Easter decorating ideas!

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This is my son’s dog Nala.  I was trying to take an adorable Easter photo.  She wasn’t amused.


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