Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Christmas tree decorating ideas always get me excited and ready for the holidays. Decorating for Christmas should be a fun and nostalgic memory every year. BUT, I’ve spent many a Christmas ready to throw my tree out the front door. I’ve had a real tree that wouldn’t fit in a tree stand. I’ve had a fake tree you could throw a softball through and never hit a branch. I’ve had lights that won’t work; ornaments missing hooks; crooked trees– I really could go on. I hope I’m not the only one that has had “Grinch” moments.

Now, I usually stick to the the same design for my tree every year. I may change to a different ribbon color, or use mesh ribbon , or I will add a few unique greenery picks. Changing just a few things helps me stay within my Christmas budget.

So, below are the steps to great Christmas tree decorating ideas; and hopefully it will be without a lot of stress.

Christmas Tree Decorating Step-By-Step

You can get so many Christmas tree decorating ideas from magazines, and t.v. shows, and the web. I keep a small folder full of pages that I have ripped out of magazines.

The key to a really beautiful Christmas tree is having a uniform look all the way around, and really filling the tree with plenty of trimmings and ornaments. It is easy to quickly get your tree looking like a mismatch mess. It is all about accessorizing with a finished and designed look in mind. Take a photo of a tree you see in a store that your really like, and duplicate that look at home.

Now, before I go on, if you have children or grandchildren, or special childhood ornaments with a lot of memories, sometimes a “designed” tree doesn’t fit with all of these different ornaments. You can have a smaller tree that has just your special ornaments and make it your “memory tree”. You can also hang them with ribbon from windows, or run a ribbon in front of a pretty mirror, thumb tack it to the wall, and hang your ornaments that way. It really is a pretty way to display them.

My mother has given us adorable children’s Hallmark ornaments for years, so we have many of them. I love them, and hang them on a ribbon in my bonus room. It fits the theme of that room, and you really can see them up close. I love it!

I do not have a pre-lit tree. I do not trust that they will last more than a few years. Every year after Christmas I will buy extra Christmas tree lights when they are on the clearance rack. That way, the next year if a strand isn’t working, I am not going to spend an hour looking for that one bulb that isn’t working. Blood pressure remains down, and all is well.

After you have all your working lights on your tree, the next layer is ribbon, garland or, grapevine. I love using grapevine. I buy a wreath and pull it apart. This does make a huge mess, but it really gives the tree fullness, and brings in natural elements. I reuse the grapevine every year, and store it in a new trash bag.

Next, I put ribbon around the tree in even rows. Stores are now carrying the really wide mesh ribbon. This ribbon is great to work with and adds a lot of color. Just remember after you have your rows evened out, go back and twist and tuck your ribbon, so it doesn’t look like you just threw it on the tree.

After that it is time for Christmas picks, or large flowers such as poinsettias, or hydrangeas. These are a hoot to shop for and so easy to use. I love the Christmas picks that have little glitter balls attached, or little presents. Just start putting them in your tree, and space them out evenly.

Next, you’re ready for your ornaments and then your tree topper. I use the Christmas picks with little glitter balls on the top of my tree. Then I make two large bows out of two different types of ribbon. I tie one ribbon on at a time, tying them back to back. Then the tree topper looks like one large ribbon. After that, I stick the glitter ball picks in the top, and I am DONE! Decorating your Christmas tree can be stress-free if you have a plan!

How do I decorate my tree with ribbon?

There is a difference in making your tree look like you either threw the ribbon on the tree, or got frustrated and stuffed it in the branches everywhere. Been there done that! I had a wonderful salesperson at Trees-n-Trends show me how to decorate my tree with ribbon. She was so helpful, I can’t thank her enough!

This is how my tree turned out thanks to her help! I have written a whole page with detail step-by-step photos on how to decorate your tree with ribbon. Once you get the hang of it, it really isn’t that hard at all!

I’ll have a blue Christmas

Christmas tree decorating ideas that are different from the traditional decorations can really add some fun and whimsy!  I decorated this tree for a college student.  Her room was already decorated in teal blue, so I thought it would be fun to carry those colors into her Christmas tree.

Cheap Christmas decorating idea!

I found these large glass balls at the craft store. They hang above her bed.  Another cheap decorating idea that looks great!

After I am done with all of my holiday decorating ideas, I turn the lights off, sit quietly on the couch, and reflect. There is nothing like a beautiful Christmas tree to bring joy to everyone. I hope some of these Christmas tree decorating ideas help! Good luck, and enjoy your season! Please visit my other Christmas decorating ideas pages to help with all of your holiday decorating!

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