Christmas Door Decorating Ideas That You Can Make in an Hour!

Are you looking for some Christmas door decorating ideas that are easy? How about making a door decoration for under $20? I love cheap Christmas decorations that look expensive! Making my house look beautiful for the holidays, while saving money for presents is exactly what I need.

This Christmas door decoration will only take you about an hour to make. For the supplies, you will need an artificial Christmas teardrop, ribbon, three Christmas picks, pinecones, mittens, grapevine ribbon, small ornaments, floral wire, and extra greenery.

Start with your artificial teardrop. If you look for sales, you can find this tear drop for about $6. In fact, to keep your Christmas door decoration under $20, be sure to get all your supplies on sale!

What makes any Christmas floral arrangement elegant and beautiful, is making it full and bursting with textures and colors. To give more texture, I added one full pine sprig. I chose a sprig that was a different type of greenery than what was already in the teardrop. If you do this, you want to cut the sprig into smaller pieces and scatter it throughout your arrangement.

To add the sprig you need to use the floral wire to attach it securely to the teardrop. Pull back the teardrop branches, then place the new cut pine sprig on top, and tightly wrap it around twisting the ends of your wire.

I have just recently discovered grapevine ribbon. It is so easy to work with, and it really added another layer of texture. It is easy to attach using floral wire. Plus, you should have plenty left over for another Christmas decorating idea.

Start from the back, attaching with the floral wire. Wrap it around twice attaching it in several different places.

Next, you want to add some color with berry picks. Three is all you will need. I attached mine with the wire, and hot glue. After you are finished adding your berries, add some pine cones using hot glue.

I thought mittens would make the perfect accessory! Christmas door decorating ideas can be personalized easily. You can add a wooden letter, or a large rustic jingle bell!

Learning to make a bow isn’t hard at all. I always prefer to work with wired ribbon. It makes it easy to shape the bow, and it will last through years of storage. I used two burlap ribbons together. I coupled a light tan burlap ribbon with a checkered red and white burlap ribbon.

How to Make a Bow

1. Cut a piece of the checkered burlap ribbon about 7″ to 8″. Next, cut the ribbon in half. You will use this for tying the middle knot.

2. Make your first loop, leaving excess ribbon for the tail.

3. Next, make another loop opposite of your first loop and hold the ribbon tightly in the middle. You want your loops to be all the same size. Make a total of four loops; two on each side.

4. Using the scrap ribbon you cut, tie the middle of your bow very tightly. You will use the excess to attach your bow to the teardrop.

After you attach your bow, be sure to cut your tails at an angle, then weave them into your greenery. You can secure the ribbon with hot glue.

Well, how easy was that? Christmas door decorating ideas are really fun, and they give your home some wonderful holiday curb appeal.

And, last but not least…..

always take a chocolate break!