Kitchen Decorating Ideas That Won’t Break Your Budget!

Do you need help with Kitchen decorating ideas? When you walk in your kitchen does it just feel cluttered and uninviting? With a few decorating tips, I will help you turn your kitchen in to a room you love to walk into. The kitchen should be the happiest room in the house. It is where families and friends seem to gather the most. So why not make it something you are proud of, and want to show off?

I am going to be brutally honest about what makes a kitchen UNAPPEALING; clutter and just plain messiness. I read an article years ago from a professional organizer and housekeeper which she titled “A Clean Sink”.

She believed if nothing else got done before you went to bed, go to bed with a clean kitchen. I adopted that rule and have never looked back. There is nothing like getting up in the morning and coming into a spotless kitchen.

So having said that, if your kitchen is really cluttered, your first assignment is to get rid of the clutter. We can’t begin to talk about kitchen decor ideas, until we get your clutter out of the way.

Eliminate any extra kitchen appliances that your don’t use. Try not to keep many appliances out on your counter tops.

So, why talk about cleanliness and order when you want to talk about kitchen decorating ideas? Because elimination is always the first step before you begin to decorate.

Look at your countertops– are they cluttered with too many appliances, jars, papers, and knick-knacks?

So, STEP 1 is to de-clutter and eliminate what does not have to be on the kitchen counter top!

Kitchen Cabinets

If you are going to be replacing your kitchen cabinets, do your homework. The most important step in any kitchen makeover project is to find informative home design help.

If replacing your kitchen cabinets is not in your budget, consider painting your kitchen cabinets. I have actually painted mine twice! I know, I got the same reaction from from husband.

One of the best improvements and CHEAPEST investments I made in my kitchen, was adding molding to the cabinets. I bought a small miter box, and figured out myself how to cut the molding. And, yes, it took me quite a few cuts to get it right, but I did it! Then I used some quick-drying extra strong wood glue. Huge impact-little cost! This gave my kitchen a real cottage kitchen feel. I know this falls under “remodeling”, but I had to share this simple idea!

Keep it Simple

Remember simplicity is key when decorating a kitchen. Keep out only a few appliances, and preferably ones that are new and attractive to the eye. If you have some old appliances, go shopping and purchase some more that will look good on your cabinets.

Purchase attractive jars to put dry ingredients in! One of my jars holds coffee beans! Use one large plate on a pretty plate stand to place in the corner. Just keep your accessories simple, clean, and neat.

I am always on the lookout for creative and affordable kitchen decorating ideas. Tight budgets call for innovative creativity!

A clutter-free kitchen, is a happy kitchen.

Adding an old window in the design.

My client has an large pass thru area between the kitchen and the living room.  I found an old stained glass window, painted it black, then hung the window with black chain. It really added a lot of character to the space, and looks beautiful from both rooms.

Kitchen Window Curtains

Even the kitchen window curtains don’t have to be fussy to make this room look fabulous. Especially when it comes to the window over the sink. You don’t need a whole lot of curtain because you don’t want to lose your natural light.

Clever Ceiling Idea

I decided to add a little character to my kitchen ceiling. So, I covered the ceiling with wallpaper. NOT just any wallpaper. Anaglypta wallpaper is a very heavy paper that can be painted, or even faux finished. It is pretty inexpensive and most home stores carry it.

The two most important things you will need in order to do this job are:

1. A really good friend

2. Lots of Advil

You need a friend to help hold part of the wallpaper while it dries while you are holding the other end. You need Advil because the next morning your neck is going to be hurting! But the results are beautiful!

Kitchen decorating ideas really are pretty basic. Just have fun!

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  1. My husband and I have been wanting to do some redecoration to our kitchen for a while now. I have been wanting to get new cabinets but I really like your alternative of painting them! I think that is such a fun idea and can totally change the feel of your kitchen. I will have to look at some unique decor online and find a color that would work for us. I will definitely be using these other tips in our plans, thanks for sharing the insights!

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