Christmas Log Cabin

I am excited to show you a Christmas log cabin transformation! The phone rang, and a new client needed his vacation log cabin decorated in 3 weeks. Not only that, but it was to be a surprise for his wife and three daughters. The cabin also needed some draperies and extra home decor accessories.

Needless to say, I was ecstatic about decorating a log cabin for Christmas. Three weeks was pushing it to the limit, but the challenge was enticing.

After five trees, tons of garland, lights, ornaments, wreaths, and rolls and rolls of ribbon, I finished with a few hours to spare. My mother spent three days with me decorating, and looked like the glitter queen when it was all finished. So, here are the photos, I hope you enjoy them!

This living room is stunning just with the stone fireplace alone. I decided to choose colors that complimented the stone and wood walls. Burlap, bronze, brown, gold, and teal blue are the colors in the tree and mantel bow.

A bird’s eye view from the upstairs balcony. This tree is 9 feet tall.

In decorating, many times less is more. It is easy to get carried away with Christmas decorating ideas. I am guilty of this, but this cabin had so much character that it wasn’t necessary to overdo things.

The pine garland was beautiful enough on it’s own. Only a bow was necessary on the mantel. I added little chickadee birds to the garland and lights.

The upstairs banister was decorated with the same pine garland. It is hard to tell from the photo, but I added large pine cones under each red bow.

Dining Room Before

Dining Room After the Elves

A hutch was purchased along with two upholstered chairs. I made a simple Christmas candle centerpiece, and placed it on top of a table runner from Target.

A small table and lamp were purchased for the room. Overhead lighting alone makes a room uninviting. The dining room tree theme centered around the colors red and gold.

Simple reindeer ornaments, red and gold balls, and ribbon adorn the dining room tree.

Master Bedroom Before


White Christmas decorating is so romantic to me. So, it seemed natural to decorate the master bedroom in white, gold, and silver.

A cream and white tree skirt made this tree come alive.

Living Room Before


A large black distressed mirror and two candle sconces were added above the new leather couch.

The daughter’s bedroom was already accented in teal blue and brown. Continuing the theme in the tree seemed perfect. I used a fluffy throw for the tree skirt. After Christmas it can be washed and used throughout the year.

If you are looking for cheap Christmas decorations, hanging large ornaments on the wall with ribbon is a great idea!

Here, I found a teal metal basket that can be used after Christmas to hold knick-knacks or jewelry. Greenery, ornaments, and ribbon were added for holiday cheer.

I think every bed should have a special Christmas pillow.

Upstairs Girl’s Room Before

After Tons of Whimsy

Wreaths hung on the windows outside, special pillows, and a whimsical Santa just brightened this whole room up!

The tree in the girl’s room was whimsical and fun. Peppermint ornaments, pom-pom stems and colorful balls would make even the Grinch approve!


Even the Garage got in on the action!

I hope you enjoyed these Christmas log cabin pictures. If you would like help decorating your tree, learning how to make a bow, or help with creating a Christmas candle centerpiece stick around!

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