Cheap Decorating Ideas that look fabulous!

Finding cheap decorating ideas isn’t too difficult. Finding ideas that don’t look cheap is hard! We have been remodeling our home for 15 years. Through the years, I have really learned many things about how to find budget decorating ideas.

I’d like to share some of my favorite inexpensive decorating ideas to help make your home beautiful on a budget! This page is all about cheap decorating ideas that anyone can do!

My first piece of advice on learning about home decorating on a budget is you have to become a DIY’er (do-it-yourself)! Learning to do things yourself isn’t about making things that are perfect! It is about overcoming your fear of doing something new. There isn’t one room in my home that doesn’t have at least one second-hand piece of furniture.

Paint, Paint, Paint!

I am always asked what is one of my top cheap decorating ideas? It has to be painting! Paint is probably my absolute favorite way to give something a complete makeover! Whether you are painting kitchen cabinets, painting a room, trim, or trying your hand at furniture makeovers, paint makes an unbelievable transformation! Learning to paint, and doing it yourself will save you so much money!

Do you have a bathroom cabinet that is in great condition, but is old and outdated? Even if your cabinet is stained wood, you can paint it! All you need is a good primer.

One of the biggest decisions is whether you want to use latex paint or oil-based paint. I prefer working with latex paint because of the clean-up. However, I would choose oil-based paint for areas that are going to get a lot of wear and tear. For example, I would use it for kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and painting stair rails.

Oil paints take a lot longer to dry, but they tend to hold up to wear and dirt much better. Just always allow plenty of time for drying between coats.

Furniture Makeovers

Nothing saves more money then learning how to do your own furniture makeovers. To me, nothing is more rewarding than transforming an old, ugly piece of furniture into your own furniture design idea!

So where do you find old pieces of furniture at great prices? My top three places to look are flea markets, garage sales, and Craigs List.

I paid $15 for my bedroom dresser. I painted it and added new drawer pulls. What a deal is that? When you are looking at a piece that you would like to give a makeover, take a step back and look at the bones of furniture. Does it appeal to you? Next, check all the drawers and make sure they work well.

You can save so much money learning how to hunt for furniture and then take the plunge and learn to paint it.

Cheap Decorating Ideas for Light Fixtures

Light fixtures can be expensive! Learn to paint them, and you will save a ton! I know I’m talking about painting again, but you can paint light fixtures too!

Here is a photo of a chandelier I purchased at a garage sale for two dollars. I’m sorry I don’t have the before photo, but it was a hideous brass color. Craft stores sell faux rust products that are so easy to use! I applied this faux painting technique, and then purchased new shades. The shades were boring, so I added beading and trim with hot glue! Gorgeous!

I’m not sure if every city has one, but many Habitat for Humanity has retail outlets where they sell surplus building materials at a fraction of the cost of a retail store. Our store carries a lot of light fixtures that were taken out of homes because they replaced them with new updated lights. So, you will find many brass fixtures that you could paint.

If you don’t want to try the faux painting technique, spray painting is an easy way to go. Purchase a matte finish color, and then once dry coat with matte polyurethane. (Polyurethane comes in a spray can also.)

Another idea is applying a metallic paint color to your fixture. This idea won’t work for brass, but if your light is a dull black or brown, it is a perfect idea.

My dining room chandelier was dull black. I sponged on a little antique gold paint and it changed the whole look! Once it was dry, I took a small brush and applied polyurethane to protect the finish.

Doing a simple application like this, and changing out your shades, will give you an updated cheap look, that isn’t cheap looking!

Cheap Table Centerpiece Ideas

Find a beautiful white bowl from T.J. Maxx or Target and fill it with green apples! The simplicity of this idea is a great cheap centerpiece idea.

I love to use candles as centerpieces also. Look at discount stores and half-off sales at local craft stores for candle glass urns. Put a large candle in the urn, and then add glass beads around the bottom. Simple and easy! For the holidays you can replace the glass beads with unique items like candy corn for Halloween, and cranberry’s for Christmas.

Cheap Wall Decor

Wall decor can be expensive. But, with a little creativity you can come up with some really unique cheap wall decor ideas! Write your favorite saying on canvas! Stencil the words, or trace around pre-cut letters. Then color your letters using acrylic craft paint.

Don’t be afraid to shop garage sales or thrift stores for cheap home decorating ideas!

This is a wonderful idea is from This was a mirror that used to be attached to a dresser. She painted over the mirror with chalkboard paint, and then painted the wood trim! I LOVE this idea!


Slipcovers are a great way to give an instant makeover to any couch or chair! If you are looking for easy sewing projects, this is it! Learn how to sew them yourself with this great tutorial!

If you don’t want to sew your own slip-cover many shops and on-line stores carry slipcovers at great prices. If you purchase a light colored slipcover, then you can add decorative pillows for that “pop” of color. You can even change your pillows out during the summer and winter seasons. Pillows are an inexpensive way to add a little change to your home decor.


Cheap Decorating Ideas for Accessories

Change out some of your accessories. Remember, sometimes, less is more. Keep it simple and remember the “decorating in three’s” rule.

I found this little tray at an antique store. It sits in the corner of the bathtub. I rolled three washcloths and set them beside a small glass jar full of bath salts. Then I bought one cream-colored, silk hydrangea, cut the stem short and placed it into a small vase. Not only is this extremely elegant, but cheap!

Change out your pillows! This makes a big impact at a small price.  You can make two 16″ pillows out of a yard of fabric!

Or my favorite place to look for pillows is T.J. Maxx and Marshall’s. Many times I find down pillows! I love them because they are easy to “re-fluff”!

Probably one of the most unattractive interior decorating mistakes is keep what I call “sad” pillows. Pillows that are flat and worn are not appealing!

I purchase a lot of my home decor accessories from discount stores. The smartest way to decorate with accessories, is not to over decorate with your accessories. Don’t have too many little items scattered everywhere. Stick with the “rule of three’s”.

Cheap Decorating Ideas for Bathrooms

Want a quick budget bathroom makeover? Give your bathroom a quick makeover with a new shower curtain! Purchase new shower curtain rings, and a new shower curtain rod that matches the rings.

Are your towels sad and worn? Are you tripping over the strings? Time to get new towels! New towels make a huge difference! For added elegance have them monogrammed.

Don’t buy more than two different colored towels for your bathroom. For a neat decorating idea for your guest bathroom, place a hand towel over your bath towel, and then tie a ribbon around both.

Cheap Decorating Ideas for Window Treatments

Learning to sew will save you so much money when trying to find cheap decorating ideas. I hate sewing clothes, but sewing curtains really is easy!

If sewing isn’t your thing, then purchase ready-made panels from Target and add trim with hot glue to give it a custom look!

Think outside the box when it comes to drapery hardware. Here I hung some drapery panels from decorative hooks I found at a craft store for half price!

Cheap decorating ideas will help you save money when you need to decorate your home on a budget! I think they are fun and rewarding!

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