Easy Christmas Decorating

Christmas decorating ideas that are simple and easy!

I like easy Christmas decorating ideas.  We are just too busy this time of year, so I would like to share some designs that you will find simple, yet beautiful and elegant.

You are going to love how effortless this idea is!  I took one of my own small white plates and placed a little house ornament on top. I purchased this small glass dome lid from the craft store for under $6.  Add a little fake snow, and it becomes a beautiful and inexpensive holiday decorating idea!

Nothing says Christmas like a gorgeous poinsettia. Place it in a decorative pot, and you have a very attractive poinsettia that looks much better than sitting in a plastic container.

Easy Hanging Ornaments

Here I purchased two large ornaments, added a pretty bow, then hung them with ribbon from my curtain rod.

You can hot glue some glittery sprigs and berries onto your ornament for a little extra “bling”.

These candle holders stay out all year long.  So, to make them holiday ready, I purchased a stem of large artificial berries and cut each one of them off separately.  Then I dropped them into the candle holders.  Don’t they look like real cranberries?

Add a pretty bow to one of your lamps using poster tack, or a safety pin.  This lamp sits in a little girl’s room beside her bed.

Easy Christmas Decorating
– this was is a winner!

This pot sits outside my back door.  I filled it with shatter-proof ornaments.  My little tree has white lights strung all the way to the top.  In the evening, when the Christmas lights are on, these ornaments greet everyone with a little sparkle.  Lovely!

Purchase an artificial wreath, and place a beautiful bow on the bottom.  This bow is a polyester bow that has wired edges.  Wired ribbon keeps your bows beautiful year after year.

You can also learn to make your own real wreaths.  Many Christmas tree lots sell tree trimmings.  You can wire these trimmings onto a grapevine wreath for a rustic and natural looking wreath.

I have a plate that sits in the corner of my kitchen.  I purchased this glitter ornament for $.99 at Wal-Mart.  A dab of hot glue on the back, (which will not hurt the plate) and some holly berries and greenery  dressed my plate up for the holidays!

I change out several of my pillows during the holiday.  It creates an effortless adornment that everyone can enjoy.

Have you looked back at some of your holiday decorating photos from years ago and thought, “Oh my word, what was I thinking?”.  I sure have!  But, as I get older, it becomes apparent to me, how much simplifying ideas have such a greater appeal.

Less stress.  Less maintenance.  Less time. Less money.  That is my kind of decorating.

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