Wedding Decorations on a Budget!

Finding wedding decorations on a budget can be tough!  There are so many stunning pictures on Pinterest, but it is easy to get the budget completely out-of-whack!

wedding cake

Wedding Cake

Decorations and supplies add up so quickly!  But, there are ways to save money decorating, and not compromise elegance and beauty!  If you are willing to roll up your sleeves, and aren’t afraid of DIY decorating, then together we can get this done!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends and family!  Delegate as much as you can!  But, most of all, don’t be nervous about your wedding, with some great planning, organizing, and work, it will be stunning!

Two Sons, Two Weddings –
One Summer

My sons are almost 3 years apart.  They got married SIX weeks apart.  THEN, a few weeks later my daughter, and last chick left the nest.

So, I promise, I know a few things about stress!  But, I also know, it can be done without losing your mind.

So, if you are feeling a little over-whelmed about how to decorate for your wedding on a budget, been there done that!

You CAN have a gorgeous wedding on a budget, and I’m going to share with you some fabulous ideas on just how to do it!

It All Starts With a Plan

We all know that doing anything on a budget, takes time and planning.  This is the absolute key to success!  If you haven’t started a wedding notebook yet, now is the time.

Make a private Pinterest board for all your favorite ideas.

Begin shopping for supplies early!  Find them on sale!  Take over a guest room, or office and keep all of your wedding decorations in that room.  You do not want to hunt all over the house trying to find them later!

Again, planning and organization is key to having a successful wedding!

The beginning of something beautiful:

I will be adding many more pages and ideas within the next few months.  Thank you for your patience!

Wedding Decorations on a Budget

Ready to get started?  Just click on the links below for the wedding decorations tutorials.  All of my tutorials have great photos with clear instructions.

Rehearsal Dinner Decorations

Wedding Chair Decorating Ideas

Bridal Shower Centerpiece Ideas

Wedding Decorations on a Budget –
How about a DIY Paper Lantern?

Beautiful Bride Bouquet

Learn to make a bridal bouquet.  Easy step-by-step photo tutorial.


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