New Years Eve Decorations

Ready to learn how to make New Years Eve decorations for your home?  Are you looking for some party ideas to make your home festive and fun?  Well, I have a few up my sleeve for you!

Gorgeous New Years Eve Mantel

I have a New Years Eve party every year. We play games, eat, and welcome in the new year.  I would love to share with you my decorated mantel.  It was inexpensive because I shopped for all of my supplies after Christmas when they were marked way down!

I found gorgeous gold and silver garland!  I took both garlands and intertwined them together.  Next, Christmas lights were added and tucked in and hidden into the garland.

Here is what I purchased to make my centerpiece on the mantel.  The silver pipe cleaners made a great way to tie these pieces together.

First, I made the bow with five large loops, and secured it in the middle with a silver pipe cleaner.

Next, I tied all of the decorations together with another silver pipe cleaner.  Then I attached my bow onto the top of these New Years Eve decorations.

The bow and decorations are heavy.  So, I took a really small nail, and hammered it into my mantel so it could be secured with a pipe cleaner.  (Don’t tell my husband!)

This roll of gold mesh added the perfect touch to the garland.  I cut it into several pieces and tucked it throughout the garland.

I always browse through the floral stem aisle to see what unique things I can find.  Even though these are considered Christmas decorations, they were perfect for what I needed.

I placed five of these fun gold balls onto the garland after the stem was trimmed with wire cutters.

Make an Inexpensive Glamorous Candle!

This candle was on clearance in the Christmas aisle.  I added some Elmer’s glue to the bottom half, then sprinkled it with fine gold glitter.  Next, I used a dry paint brush to smooth away the extra glitter.

Then, I added a line of glue and silver glitter.  Perfect and easy!

Doesn’t that look great?  I made two candles for $5!

Well, after all the glitter mess was cleaned up, I took a step back and decided that this mantel turned out great!

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