Living Room Ideas

Ideas That Say “Sit and Stay” Without Breaking The Bank!

Finding the right living room ideas can sometimes be frustrating. I think the living room is one of the more difficult rooms to decorate. Placing your living room furniture correctly, choosing the right accessories, window treatment ideas, and lighting are the main components in living room design ideas.

Living room ideas from Jennifer

Implementing good living room ideas should be near the top of your decorating list. It is where a lot of time is spent with friends and family. It should reflect your style, while being comfortable and inviting.

Living Room Paint Ideas

If painting is one of the first living room ideas you need to decide on, make sure that the color is complimentary to your existing furniture. Always get a sample of your paint color and paint a small area on a piece of cardboard. Tape your paint sample on your wall; step back and see how it looks. Then repeat this process on your other walls. Color changes with different lighting.

For some ideas on paint colors take a look at this page.

Furniture Placement

Living room ideas from Jennifer

This can be one of the most difficult parts of the decorating process. Many designers do a great job of planning it out on paper. I simply have to move the furniture around and see what I think.

Living room ideas from Jennifer

Make sure your furniture is close enough to promote conversation, and that there are plenty of places for guests and family to set their drinks.

Living Room Wall Decor

Living room ideas from Jennifer

One of the biggest mistakes people make when choosing living room wall decor is choosing things that are under-scale for the wall.

Add a mirror to your room; it reflects light and gives the illusion of a larger room.

Living room ideas from Jennifer

One larger picture above this black chest is just the right size. It fills in the space without overcrowding.


Flooring really makes or breaks a room’s look. Whether you choose carpet or hardwood flooring, you want to stay within the style and theme of your home.

We recently removed our carpet and installed hard wood flooring. Talk about making an incredible difference!

I was very careful to choose a wood that went with the style of our home. Our home is about 25 years old, and the style is what I would term “casual French Country”. So, I didn’t want to choose flooring that was too formal, or too country.

The photo above is the flooring that I chose for our living room. If you look closely, it has a look of worn wood. I felt that this floor fit our active family, which also includes two dogs! There are many things to consider when coming up with your list of living room ideas. I try to marry both design and livability.

Living Room Window Treatments

Living room ideas from Jennifer

I really love long drapes in a living room, nothing stuffy or formal. There are a lot of living room curtain ideas to choose from, but I always tend to lean toward simple.

This green drapery above was fun to design. Instead of one long drapery pole across the 72″ window, I cut the pole down to 18″. The brown pom-pom balls gave the simple panel a little drama and whimsy!

Living room ideas from Jennifer

This photo shows how beautiful the bamboo window coverings look with the long drapes.

Accessorizing Your Living Room

Living room ideas from Jennifer

Again, a common mistake is under-scaling accessories, and using too many small items. Keep it simple.  Don’t over complicate accessorizing. Use the “decorating in threes” rule, and choose your accessories wisely. Use photos, but spend a little extra money and purchase elegant frames. Here is a page all about living room decor ideas.

You can put a really narrow sofa table BEHIND your couch that is up against a wall, and add accessories! For living room ideas, this is one of my favorites! Especially, if you need some extra lighting!

Living room ideas from Jennifer

I hope these living room ideas were helpful.

Remember: The living room is a place for relaxation, conversation, and entertaining. Keep it simple. Keep it uncluttered. But most of all, the heart of living room ideas is creating a room where all who enter take a load off, relax, and enjoy the ones they love.

Living room ideas from Jennifer

Here are some fantastic living room design ideas to get you inspired!

Living room ideas from Jennifer

My new living room milk crate ottoman. Learn how to make one for yourself!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this living room inspiration! My wife and I just bought our first house and are very excited to furnish it. I really like how you mentioned making sure your flooring matches the theme of your furniture.

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