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Does the idea of finding the right window treatment ideas and the right home decor fabric make you feel overwhelmed? Well, I am here to help make this job much easier! Making the right choices in your curtains and drapery fabric will make all the difference. There is one major fundamental belief I have when it comes to decorating: “know where to spend money, and know where to save money”.

Window treatments are definitely the place to spend your money, but spending it wisely, is the key. Well-made custom curtains sewn with quality drapery fabrics, brings elegance and warmth to any room.

Whether it is living room curtains, custom kitchen curtains, bay window treatments, or kid’s bedroom curtains, there are many different window treatment ideas for you to choose from.

Figuring out what window treatments are best for your windows can be frustrating, let alone trying to decide on drapery fabrics.

4 Tips to Follow When Choosing Window Treatments and Drapery Fabrics

Window treatment ideas from Jennifer

Before deciding what style you prefer for your windows, decide what the functionality needs to be.

  • Does your window treatment need to provide privacy?
  • Is choosing long drapery panels a good choice for your lifestyle?  Do you have children and or pets that you need to take into consideration when deciding on long drapery panels.
  • How much of the window do you want to cover or not want to cover because of a beautiful view?
  • Are you renting?  If so, maybe choosing valances with easy and simple hardware is the best choice.

Window treatment ideas from Jennifer

Do some research on what types of window treatments you like best.

I used to tell clients to go through decorating magazines and rip out photos that appeal to you.  Now, it is 100 times easier to view photos on Pinterest. (How did we survive without Pinterest?) Keep in mind the design style of your room when choosing your window treatments.

Window treatment ideas from Jennifer

Learn how to measure your own window.

Even if you are having a seamstress make your window treatments, it helps to know how to measure your windows.  When you visit a fabric store you can tell an employee your window measurements and what style you are wanting, and they can give you an idea of how much fabric you will need.  And, if you are looking for someone to make your window treatments, fabric stores usually have a list of seamstresses they recommend.

Window treatment ideas from Jennifer

Learning how to choose the right fabric create a fantastic window design.

So, how do you choose the right fabric?  Well, I know it is extremely overwhelming when you first walk into a fabric store.  But, once you know the style and colors you want for your window treatments, the next step is choosing the right fabric pattern.

Most fabric stores divide their aisles up by fabric colors, and this makes it so much easier.  When you see a fabric that you really like, roll it out so you can see a larger section.  Then, stand a good distance from the fabric and look at it and imagine it on your wall.  Stepping and looking at the fabric gives you an idea of how it will look from across the room.  Next, cut several fabric samples that you really like and take them home.

Tape your fabric samples up near your window, and take a few days to look at them and see what sticks out as your favorite. If you have a lot of floral or busy patterns in your furniture or bedding, then choose a solid, stripe, or simple geometric pattern for your curtains. The reverse is also true; if your furniture or bedding does not have a lot of patterns, then choose fabrics with a busy pattern for your window treatments.

Sewing Your Own Window Treatments

Try your hand at sewing your own! There are several curtain patterns that make easy sewing projects. Really, you can do it!  You could save a ton of money making your own window treatments.  If long drapery panels seems intimidating, try your hand at making valances.  Hey, you may even start your own drapery business!

Window Treatment Ideas

Drapery Panels

Below are some great window treatment ideas to get your creative juices flowing!  Enjoy!

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Here is a window treatment I designed for a client.  I really loved mixing the fabric patterns.  These were made for single windows.  Instead of having a rod go all the way across the window, I had the wood drapery rod cut down to 18″.  (When you purchase wood drapery rods at a home improvement store, they will cut down the rod for free!)  Having stationary panels mounted on each side of a window softens a room, and give it a wonderful finishing touch.

Window treatment ideas from Jennifer Decorates.comI love these soft drapery panels designed by ReFresh Home.  The monochromatic soft colors and diverse patterns make this bedroom feel like a dream!

Designer Secret:

Want to save money and still have a custom drapery panel?  Purchase ready made panels and add your own trim!  If you don’t sew, no worries!  You can apply your trim with fabric glue.

Window treatment ideas from Jenniferdecorates.comHere are some simple linen drapery panels with a beautiful blue trim added to the inside edges.

Custom Nursery Curtains

Window treatment ideas from Jenniferdecorates.comHow pretty are these panels.  Purchase sheer drapery panels from Wal-Mart or Target and add some pretty tassels to the inner edge.

Window Valance Ideas

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Rolled Valance

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Box Pleat Valance

Box pleat valances are another great curtain choice if you are on a tight budget. These valances don’t require a lot of fabric, and are mounted on 1×4 pine boards with “L” shape brackets. Not having to buy fancy drapery hardware saves a ton of money on your hardware budget.

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Modern Window Treatments

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Need some fabulous modern window treatment ideas?


“Window treatments can be expensive.  When decorating on a budget, the trick is knowing where to save the money, and where to spend it.  Window treatments is where you want to spend it.”

Onto the next step!

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