Window Treatment Ideas – Learn to Design Your Own Custom Curtains

Does the idea of finding the right window treatment ideas and the right home decor fabric make you feel overwhelmed? Well, I am here to help make this job much easier! Making the right choices in your curtains and drapery fabric will make all the difference. There is one major fundamental belief I have when it comes to decorating: “know where to spend money, and know where to save money”.

Window treatments are definitely the place to spend your money, but spending it wisely, is the key. Well-made custom curtains sewn with quality drapery fabrics, brings elegance and warmth to any room.

Whether it is living room curtains, custom kitchen curtains, bay window treatments, or kid’s bedroom curtains, there are many different window treatment ideas for you to choose from.

Figuring out what window treatments are best for your windows can be frustrating, let alone trying to decide on drapery fabrics. Below are 7 tips to help guide you through this decorating process.

1. Know ahead of time what window treatment ideas you like. Go through decorating magazines and rip out photos that appeal to you, always keeping in mind the style of your room.

2. Learn how to measure your own window; there is a charge for someone to come out and measure. Be able to figure out a rough estimate of the amount of drapery fabric you will need.

3. Visit a home decor fabric store and ask if they have their own workroom. If they don’t, ask for their seamstress’ recommendations.

4. Cut several fabric samples and take them home. Tape them up near your window, and take a few days to look at them and see what sticks out as your favorite. If you have a lot of floral or busy patterns in your furniture or bedding, then choose a solid, stripe, or simple geometric pattern for your curtains. The reverse is also true; if your furniture or bedding doesn’t have a lot of patterns, then choose fabrics with a busy pattern for your window treatments.

5. Decide whether you like heavier drapery fabrics, or light fabrics like linen, sheer, or polyester fabrics. Certain fabrics work better with different interior decorating styles.

6. Research drapery hardware, and different ways to hang draperies.For expert help in drapery hardware ideas visit The Window Treatment!

7. Try your hand at sewing your own! There are several curtain patterns that make easy sewing projects. Really, you can do it!

Below are curtains I designed for a client.  I love the mix of patterns!


window curtain with valance

Long panels mounted on each side of a window just soften a room, and give it a wonderful finishing touch.

Visit my Etsy shop for ready-made panels.  Need help designing and choosing your fabric?  Contact me through my Etsy shop.

Tip: To dress up your ready-made panels, or to add a bit of whimsy attach trim to the inner edges of your panels. You can add tassels, pom-poms, or even beaded trim. Attach your trim with hot glue. Fast and easy!

One of my favorite window covering ideas is pairing long drapery panels with faux wood blinds, bamboo window coverings, or blackout roman shades.

Make Your Own Box Pleat Curtain!

Box pleat curtains are another great curtain choice if you are on a tight budget. Box pleat curtains don’t require a lot of fabric, and are mounted on 1×4 pine boards with “L” shape brackets. Not having to buy fancy drapery hardware saves a ton of money on your hardware budget.

Modern Window Treatments

Need some fabulous modern window treatment ideas?

Master Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas

Learn how to makes these easy swag curtains!

If you looking for beginner sewing projects, I promise this one is it. This is by far the easiest curtain I have every made! My favorite thing about this curtain design is it only takes 1 1/2 yards of drapery fabric per window.

You mount this curtain on a 1×4 pine board, using “L” shape brackets just like the box pleat curtain. Another cheap window treatment idea that most definitely doesn’t look cheap!

These are some curtains I made for a client. Instead of plain long panels, we added an 18″ panel at the top with pom-pom trim for added flair!

Great Idea:

If you already have drapery panels and want to make them look like custom curtains, purchase coordinating fabric and duplicate the look in the above photo.

It is easy to do! Measure the width of your panel. I like having the added panel about 18″long. You will want to add 3″ for the top and bottom seams, and then 3″ to the total width of your panel, to allow for the side seams.

For example, if the width of your panel is 51″ then cut your added panel 54″ x 21″.

Sew a shirt-tail hem on all four of your sides of the added panel. Next, use hot glue to attach your trim to the bottom of the panel. Then you can either sew you panel onto your ready-made draperies, or you can use hot glue if you don’t want any stitching showing.

Don’t be afraid to try your hand at sewing! It really is easy and fun! Window Treatment Ideas don’t have to be over-the-top to be gorgeous.

Shirt-tail hem:

turn you fabric over 1/2 “, and then turn another 1/2” and stitch.

Sheer Window Treatments

You can purchase these sheers in my Etsy Shop.

If you are looking for easy sew curtains you can make in an afternoon, then sheer curtains is a perfect sewing project!  Pair them with bamboo shades and they are stunning.

Window treatments can be expensive.  The trick is knowing where to save the money, and where to spend it.

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