Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Make your guest room inviting and peaceful!

Hello friends! I would like to share some guest bedroom decorating ideas with you that I think are easy and fun to do! My middle son is getting an apartment, and the boy’s room is now MINE! So, turning it into a peaceful retreat for my guests (or me) was a fun journey!

Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Okay, before we go on I will show you the before photo. I must say my daughter, (our last chick left) was very upset over the change. I honestly felt kind of bad. For a minute or two.

Before and After

Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Please note, the popcorn ceiling.  Yes, I learned how to remove popcorn from the ceiling, and it is not a fun project.  I also removed the 17 year-old wallpaper.  Again, not an easy project!

Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas That are Essential

Making your guests feel welcomed is not just about having the best guest bedroom decorating ideas. It is about learning to create a room that is calm, peaceful, and relaxing. I researched a lot of different small bedroom decorating ideas because this room is pretty tiny!

My number one essential priority is having a guest room that is uncluttered! If your guest room serves a dual purpose, such as a home office, make sure everything is in order when your guests arrive.

Make a comfortable bed! Who can resist a bed made with soft linens and fluffy pillows?

If room allows, have a chair in your guest room.

Provide necessary items such as a make-up mirror, toiletries, and an alarm clock for your company.   Add a small vase of flowers to make them feel extra special.

Easy Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas

that are budget friendly!

Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas

I like to mix and match my bedding.  I find that you can save a lot of money this way.  My quilt came from T.J. Maxx,  and the charcoal colored pillows came from Target.

This simple bed skirt is from the Rachel Ashwell line at Target.

The details make all the difference in bedroom makeover ideas. Adding a smaller pillow in the front of your larger pillows is like adding jewelry to your outfit.  It just completes the look.

My guest room is small. So when I happened upon this little vintage dresser I was thrilled!

The shop owner had already painted this piece, and added special hardware.

A large mirror is a must for your guest room. I found this one at our local T.J. Maxx store.  I’m not sure what I would do without that store!

I got really really lucky, and was given this antique headboard from a client.  I love it. This headboard was full size. I purchased a queen size bed for our room.  Instead of figuring out how to make the headboard fit the queen bed, my husband just attached the headboard to the wall!

If room allows, add a chair for your guests.  This little chair was a flea market find for $15. I painted it white and added a pillow that probably applies more to me, more than to my guests.

Gray and orange, how pretty!  This is a room I decorated for a special client.

Guest Bedroom Ideas from Jenniferdecorates.comThis is a beautiful guest room of an acquaintance of mine.  I absolutely love the light fixture!


Keeping Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas Simple and Charming

When choosing your guest bedroom decor, keep it simple. I found this vintage style clock at Target.

Don’t over-complicate your guest bedroom decorating ideas.  Stick to the important essentials, and you can’t go wrong!


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