Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Are you ready to have a beautiful bedroom?

Why is master bedroom decorating so important? The master bedroom is the first thing we see in the morning, and the last thing we see when we close our eyes. It is our refuge; a place to finally take a deep breath and relax.

Unfortunately, so many master bedrooms are cluttered and disorganized! Bed linens are mismatched and worn, dressers are cluttered, and things are stacked in spots all over the floor.

SO, if there is one room you really need to make your priority, it is this room!!! You deserve to relax and unwind, and have a little time to yourself. So, let’s go over a few tips and bedroom makeover ideas to help you create your own refuge. After all, you spend 8-10 hours a day in this room! Move “master bedroom decorating” up on your priority list!

Eight Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas and Tips

1. The number one tip I have is DE-CLUTTER AND ORGANIZE. Nothing should be on your floors except furniture. Use storage boxes if you must keep things under your bed.

2. Your bed is the focal point of the room. Dress it up! Allow yourself the luxury of good sheets. Don’t feel you have to commit to a “bed set”; mix and match. Just stay in the same color tones. It takes a little work and time, but shop around.

3. When purchasing bedroom furniture, you don’t have to create a matching set. Buy interesting individual pieces. Again stay within the basics: bed, nightstands, dresser, chest, and if room allows, a comfortable reading chair.

4. Whether accessorizing your chest or dresser, stick with the basic “three” rule. Use only three items to decorate with, but keep them in scale with the furniture.

5. Draperies are a must in a bedroom. Whether you do long panels, or just a window topper, select a fabric that goes well with your bedding.

6. Keep wall art simple and proportioned well. If you have a larger wall, don’t be afraid to purchase one large piece of artwork.

7. When choosing paint colors; whites, neutrals, or soft pale hues tend to create a more restful ambiance. Especially, if you are trying to incorporate romantic bedroom decorating ideas.

8. If you decide you cannot live without a TV in your bedroom, it is best to choose cabinetry that conceals it. That way you maintain a restful look in the room.

Making a Headboard From An Old Door

This is a headboard made from an old door that I paid $20.00 for at the Flea Market! I love making something new from something old.

My husband framed out the door, and then I painted and antiqued the whole headboard. I get many compliments on this unique headboard, and I love knowing how much it cost! This headboard definitely fits the Country French Bedroom Decorating style!

Never Underestimate the Power of Pillows!

Remember, it is the little things that make your master bedroom decorating special and unique.

If your trying to decide on a new mattress be sure to visit Mattress Wiz for help finding the right mattress.

Many times when I am choosing the small accent pillow, I really like to find one that stands out. This pillow from Candice Olsen’s collection, has unique, square pearl buttons.

Master Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas

When it comes to window treatment ideas for your bedroom, there is no one rule. It really comes down to your preference.
If you like cottage style decorating, or don’t really want a heavy drapery in your bedroom, sheers are a great choice. They are relatively cheap curtains, that don’t look cheap at all.

They give an airy feel to the room, and add their own beauty when the sun shines through.

Another option is sew your own swag window treatment. This tutorial has step by step instructions. Swag treatments are an excellent choice if you are only wanting to cover a little of your window.

Finding beautiful curtains isn’t always easy or affordable. I love because their draperies and hardware are affordable and beautiful. If you are hanging long drapes, choose hardware that accents the drapery panels, and gives a more elegant look to the overall design of your windows.


Always remember that order and simplicity is key in master bedroom decorating. This dresser is accessorized very simple, but is still elegant.

I love floral arrangements in any room. But, when it comes to master bedroom decorating, I think a floral or any soft greenery is a must. Learn to make your own floral arrangements. You can save hundreds of dollars! And it really isn’t too hard.

Master Bedroom Furniture

When it comes to choosing furniture for your master bedroom, it is all about preference and your particular style. Just remember, you don’t have to have a matching set! This dresser was given to me by a friend. All it needed was a little faux painting! Would you like to learn to faux paint your own furniture? It is easy with this great tutorial from Altard:

Staying with these simple basic tips will help you create a beautiful master bedroom. Just make it a priority to keep it simple, elegant, and clutter-free. You deserve a room that is your personal retreat!

Here are some great ideas to help you create a beach themed bedroom.

One of my favorite master bedroom decorating ideas.  Little Emma.

Okay, well time for you to go shopping! Follow me on Pinterest for more decorating ideas. I have a ton of Dreamy Bedroom pins.

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  1. I truly enjoy decorating my master bedroom. I love a clean and clutter free space with white sheets and a fluffy white comforter. Right now I am looking for curtains as it is always so cold in my bedroom in the winter months. During the summer, I have white sheer curtains because it makes the room bright and cozy. Thanks for the information. I enjoy all you post!

  2. Beautiful website! I found it looking for bedroom ideas. I can’t wait to dig in and look at everything! Can you let me know where the dark wooden headboard in the second picture from the top was purchased? Thanks! -Dawn

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