Furniture Design Ideas

Learn all about creating beautiful furniture for your home!

Are you looking for unique furniture design ideas? Purchasing furniture is the biggest investment when it comes to decorating your home. There isn’t one room in my home that has a perfectly matched suite. And yet, in my humble opinion, my home is comfortable, livable, and charming.

Hunting for the “right” pieces will take more time and effort; but in the end, it will save you a ton of money. It also creates a cozy home, not a showplace.

If you are decorating small spaces and trying to live a frugal lifestyle, then learning all about furniture up-cycling is the way to do it! What is up-cycling? Basically, it is a unique way of describing when you give a second-hand piece of furniture a makeover.

I have tackled many furniture makeovers, and nothing has given me more reward than a finished piece I designed and painted myself.

Decide on your decorating style to help you narrow down your favorite furniture design ideas.

Again, hunt through magazines to create your own folder of ideas for reference. I am constantly looking through magazines for photos of different homes that are really appealing to me. Then I rip out the pages and save them in a folder. Now there is Pinterest, which is an even easier way to find furniture design ideas quickly and easily.

If you are shopping for antiques you must choose wisely and carefully. No matter what you decorating style is, choose pieces that last the test of time.

Learn to think outside the box.

Now, if you are looking for a page about how furniture is made, or a list of the best brands and manufacturers, this page won’t cover that information. What I want to relay to you in this article is how to “think outside the decorating box” when it comes to designing your home. I want to help you “re-think how you can decorate a room on a budget!

Selecting pieces for your home isn’t about going to a showroom and duplicating a typical, uniformed look. This is YOUR home, your LIFE, a place where you should feel comfortable, nourished, and loved. I love the saying, “your home should rise to meet you”. We have really lost sight of the concept of “home” and the importance of creating such a place.

Okay, I know, get back on the main topic! My point is this: creating a home takes effort and time. If you want to do it on a budget, it takes even more time. But, I can promise you this; when you spend time and effort in decorating your home, you fall in love with it. You cherish your time spent there. And when you haven’t gone into debt doing so, you have peace.

Furniture is a huge part of your design. It is about picking the pieces that say something to you. Pieces that provide dual function, as well as fashion and style. You may find a piece that is so unique, but needs a little work.

Maybe you would like to try and add a little character with fabric using Mod Podge. If you are looking to create French Country cottage furniture, this project has your name on it.

Painting furniture really isn’t that difficult. And, when you find a piece of furniture at a thrift store, or garage sale for next to nothing; painting it can only improve it! DON’T BE SCARED TO TRY! The fun part of furniture design ideas is deciding on the color and technique!

You may find a gorgeous chair that needs new drapery fabric on the chair seat! No problem!  Adding fabric is easy with a staple gun!

For most chair seats, you only need 1/2 a yard of fabric! What a deal!

Want to try your hand at a table lamp makeover that looks like you bought it from Pottery Barn? You can find these brass lamps for a dime-a-dozen! For just a few dollars you have a gorgeous lamp, and money in your pocket!

Don’t feel intimidated about learning how to paint furniture. Learning to transform old pieces of furniture into something yourself, is one of the most exciting DIY projects you can do!

Chalk Paint Furniture Ideas

Looking for some unique ideas for your master bedroom furniture? How about making a headboard from an old door? This headboard is one of my favorite furniture design ideas. I paid $20 for the door at an antique shop. My husband framed it for me, and I have to say, it turned out fantastic!

Learn all about creating distressed painted furniture!

Feel a little intimidated about faux finishing furniture? Then click on the link below and check out my post with fabulous examples of different furniture makeovers and purchase $10 How To Guides for faux painting furniture.

Come visit my post all about furniture makeover ideas! Need some inspiration on how to turn a $5 table into a fabulous side table like I did with the one above?

Remember: decide on your style, create your design folder, and go hunting. Don’t rush: enjoy the journey!

Designing on a dime takes work and persistence. It takes effort to shop, and then time to give your furniture a makeover. But, I promise this; nothing is more rewarding than a DIY project! Knowing you saved hundreds of dollars brings such pride. If I can do it, you CAN do it!

So, figure out which furniture design ideas fit your style, and tackle a project! You won’t regret it!

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