Modern Decorating Ideas

I’m anxious to share these modern decorating ideas! I was privileged to have some unique and fabulous clients that needed some modern style ideas for their home.

They are from South Africa, and have a wonderful collection from their many travels throughout the world.

Our first job was to tackle the living room. This room has a vaulted ceiling, and is open and airy. The light filters in beautifully.


Here is a before photo. The couch was not working for their needs, and they felt like the room just didn’t flow and wasn’t cozy.

Many time clients have too many small decor items, and it tends to make the room feel cluttered. Don’t be afraid to use large accessories.

The first change that was made, was purchasing two matching couches.  One was pushed up against the wall, which opened up the room even more. A large square coffee table balanced out the two loveseats. A large palm nestled between the couch and window gave a “pop” of color.

Simple long stationary valances soften the room and add color and texture.  Bamboo shades offer even more interest to the room, and flow with the rest of the earthy tones in the living room.

We hung two large round rattan baskets going up the stairs. When you have high ceilings, don’t be afraid to decorate high on the walls.  This brings the eye up and makes the large open room much more cozy.

I found these fabulous jars at a unique decorating store. I poured coffee beans in them, and placed them on a woven basket lid.

This fabulous fabric was a steal for $8 a yard.  The zebra print was perfect.  If you are making your own pillows, I highly recommend downy pillow inserts. They stand the test of time! Flat pillows are very unattractive.  Downy inserts are worth the splurge.

A large tobacco basket with a resin deer head sculpture mounted in the middle is the highlight of the room.  Finding unique wall decor is one of the key elements in modern decorating ideas.

This is the entryway. The mirror came from Hobby Lobby, and the lamp is from T.J. Maxx. Don’t over clutter your tables.  Less is more!

Want to really add some modern details?  Place laminate flooring on your walls!  How great does this look?

Come take a look at the dining room and kitchen.

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