Halloween Decorating Ideas To Make Your Home Spooktacular!

Looking for Halloween decorating ideas for your home?  I adore Halloween!  I will admit, I am not into gory or scary Halloween.  Vintage Halloween decorations like in the photo below is always at the top of my list!  For me, decorating my home for Halloween, and throwing fun parties for friends and family is always a joy.  When my children were growing up, every year we threw a Halloween party.   I wanted my children to reminiscence as adults about special times spent under an enchanting moon.

Halloween Decorating Ideas

Are you crazy about Halloween?  The smell of fall candles in the house, crunchy leaves in the yard, beautiful pumpkins and mums on the porch, getting ready for a party, and decorations everywhere! I love coming up with new Halloween party ideas !  Every year is a new adventure!

Do you get excited knowing it is that time of year to go rumbling in the attic for all of your Halloween decorations? I am like a little kid this time of year! I get so excited to start filling my house with witches, webs, pumpkins and more!

Halloween is such a unique holiday! Not only can you wear unique costumes and become somebody totally different, but you can release your inner child!  I have several Halloween decorating ideas to fill your home with unique and bewildering crafts, and decorations full of charm and magic.


My Favorite Cheap Halloween Craft

cheap Halloween decorations from Jennifer

This was an old pink dollhouse that someone was going to throw away!  With a little paint, glitter, and a spell or two, I created this gorgeous Haunted House!  Come see exactly how I made this cheap Halloween decorating idea.

Halloween Table Decorating Ideas

Halloween table decorations from

I wrote an entire post on how to create this stunning Halloween table with inexpensive items from Target, Wal-Mart, and T.J. Maxx.
I hope you enjoy these Halloween decorating ideas!  Have a safe and happy Halloween!
Halloween Decorating Ideas from Jennifer



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