Home Office Decorating Ideas

Make your home office a place that promotes calm and productivity.

Are you looking for home office decorating ideas? Are you ready to get organized and create a workspace that is inviting and pleasant? The right home office decorating ideas will get you on your way to designing your own special area!

I like my desk to be neat and organized. It helps my productivity tremendously. Now, don’t misunderstand, I am not a “neat freak” by any stretch of the imagination, but I have learned I just work better in an organized space.

The decorator in me also feels the need to work in a properly accessorized space. I like being surrounded by things I love, that are pretty, and that just make me happy.

Let’s talk about the desk for just a moment. The desk you choose needs to meet all of your needs. It needs to have the proper amount of storage. It also needs to be the correct size for the space.

The girl in me has to have a desk I am attracted to! I found this desk at the Nashville Flea Market. I cannot say enough about the flea market! I love it!

I paid $100 for this desk, including the chair! I was practically skipping with joy the rest of the day!

I did need to change the fabric on the chair seat, but that was an easy fix.
Take the time to hunt for what you really want and need. Shop the flea market, classifieds, or Craigslist. And remember, even if it needs a little work, you can do that yourself!

Home office design ideas don’t have to be stuffy and boring! Make this space about you and what you love!

When accessorizing your desk, you want to start with the lamp. It is the centerpiece of your desk. A desk doesn’t need to be overcrowded with accessories. Choose them carefully. My rule of thumb is to choose things with lots of character.

This lamp is gorgeous! The finish on the lamp is beautiful, and the shade is fabulous! Lighting is everything!

I love to read books, buy books, collect books– well I just love books! Having them as a display on a desk is something I can’t live without. Finding unique bookends, choosing things with character makes all the difference.

When accessorizing a desk you want to keep things in balance. And by that I mean, you don’t want a tall lamp, and then small little accessories.

The bookends I chose for my desk are rather large and they balance out the lamp. Office home decorating ideas has to incorporate both design and balance.

I always like to add a touch of greenery. I like to make my own floral arrangements.

Choose a unique floral container. The greenery I used in this photo is from a craft store. It comes in what the craft store calls a “floral bush”. You will need a foam block to place inside of your floral container. It may need to be cut down a little to fit into your container.

Next, using wire cutters, cut the greenery a stem at a time and place it into your foam block. Try to keep them all cut the same length. When it comes to choosing photo frames, this is where you should spend a little extra. A really nice photo frame makes all the difference.

My Cleaning Secret:

Accessorizing to me it is all about finding interesting and unique items. Choose things that are in scale with your desk and accent it, not make it look cluttered.

Pick things that make you smile. After all, you are going to be looking at them daily; they should make you happy!

Below are some more home office decorating ideas and photos. Good luck decorating your space and creating a place that makes you happy.

More Home Office Decorating Ideas

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