Small Space Decorating – Smart Design for Living in Small Spaces!

Are you looking for small space decorating ideas? Well, I’m glad you stopped by! I’ve always said I would rather see a small home decorated with great style, than a large home with rooms left empty and bare.

When you are decorating small spaces, your design choices have to be made very carefully because you want to utilize every inch. Whether you are a trying to live a frugal lifestyle, or someone who likes to go all out on your decorating, it still comes down to good choices. Being organized is essential to living in small spaces. Nothing is more unattractive than clutter.

Accessorizing Small Spaces

small space decorating ideas

Most people tend to have the wrong scale when choosing their accessories. Choosing too many small items makes your room look cluttered. Play up your wall space with different large wall decorating ideas, like using a large wall mirror or iron candle scones. Make sure your table lamp isn’t too small and fits the scale of your surrounding wall decor.

Master Bedroom Ideas

small space decorating ideas

There are many bedroom design ideas for small master bedrooms. You have to keep in mind furniture for small spaces, and figuring out what works for your different needs.

You can purchase a cheap round table, and cover it with either a store bought tablecloth, or have a custom one made. If you sew, this is an easy sewing project to tackle! This will be a great place to hide your books or other items you don’t want to display.

Built-in Ideas

small space decorating ideas

Having a built-in desk really saves room. If you have a little nook in your home, it is the perfect place to add shelving and a top for your desk.

small space decorating ideas

Another great use for a built-in, is in your kitchen. Have a bench built into a kitchen corner and pair it with a few chairs and a table. A bench works great, and really gives a unique and cozy look.

Small Bathroom Decorating

small space decorating ideas

When working with a small bathroom design, adding a pop of color really brings the room alive. I love the simplicity of a white bathroom. Adding a vibrant shower curtain to a small bathroom is a great cheap decorating idea.

If you looking for total small bathroom makeover ideas, just remember that less is more. Keep your wall decor uncluttered. Use larger pieces of art instead of many little items. Purchase towels that match the decor of your bathroom.

Light Fixtures

small space decorating ideas

When living in small spaces, make your light fixtures stand out! If your budget allows, choose fixtures with character! The photo above shows a brilliant idea for reading lights, especially when you don’t have room for two nightstands.

Small space decorating takes a little extra work and thought. For each room, you really must determine your specific needs. Figure out what isn’t working and is constantly frustrating you, and then search for solutions. The Container Store is a fabulous company with products that offer a variety of organizing solutions.

Here are some APARTMENT DECORATING IDEAS to make your friends green with envy!

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