Choosing Paint Colors

Choosing Paint Colors from JenniferDecorates.comChoosing paint colors can be one of the most frustrating aspects of decorating a room.  How many extra cans of paint samples do you have in your garage?  Me, I have quite a few, but, I have learned a lot about choosing the right paint color.  I have several painting tips that will help save you time, aggravation, and money.  Plus, I will also share with you some of my very favorite paint colors, that have never steered me wrong.

picking paint colors - help from Jennifer

First of all, let me say, there isn’t a decorator or designer anywhere, that if they are honest, will tell you choosing the right interior paint color is easy.

Paint color is the Achilles heel of many designers. You have to learn and understand about color concepts, and paint terminology. (no worries, I will make this simple!)

There are two paint terms you really should know:

HUE – This is the color or shade. “Green is the hue”

VALUE – This is how light or dark a color appears

Picking Paint Colors from Jennifer Decorates.comThis fan deck shows the color green in different values. Many times if I pick a darker color for the wall, I will choose the lightest value of the same color for the ceiling.

Tips for Choosing Paint Colors


Always get samples before you purchase your paint! Always! Spending a few extra dollars is worth it in the end!


Choose three different colors similar in the same value. Why? Because, they will all look different on your wall!


Paint a small section on all four of your walls. Light makes a paint color vary from wall to wall.


Look at the paint samples on your wall in the daylight, nighttime, and in the evening with your lights on. This will help you visualize what your room will look like at all hours of the day.


When choosing a paint color, hold it up to a white piece of paper. This will show you the intensity of the color.

Picking the paint colors from Jennifer

You are thinking, “What in the world is the white paper test”.  It is a way I have come up with to help client’s when choosing paint colors.  If you look at the photo on the left, the color looks really light doesn’t it?

Now how light does the paint look? See how holding a white piece of paper changes your perspective on how dark the color truly looks?


Place several colors of the fan deck next to each other to compare several colors in the same hue together. This is when you can really see the difference in them! Does one green sample have more yellow, and another more brown? This is something you will notice when holding them side by side.

This will help narrow down the three paint samples you need to purchase and try at home.

Interior House Paint Colors

interior-house-paint-colors-22Here are some of my favorite interior house paint colors, sheens, and trim colors.

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