How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

Are you frustrated trying to learn how to decorate a Christmas tree? This page will solve that problem! I will show you step-by-step how to create a gorgeous tree!

Creating a stunning Christmas tree isn’t hard at all. The trick is knowing what to add, and when to add it! The other main ingredient is knowing how to work with ribbon. This Christmas tree theme is all about using natural elements. I did not use any ornaments.

Okay, here is my naked Christmas tree. Lights are working, and she is ready to get “beautified”.

First Step is the Ribbon.

Choosing good ribbon is key to learning how to decorate a Christmas tree. With this tutorial, you do not have to know how to tie a perfect bow!

Pick several ribbons that go well together, that fit your Christmas tree theme. You will need two rolls of each ribbon. We will be making loop bows with several mixes of ribbon. For the first main loop ribbon, use three or four of your larger ribbons. Twist them together like shown. Cut the ribbon leaving a tail of about 7 inches.

Use floral wire cut about 6 inches to secure your loop ribbon in the middle. You will want enough excess wire to attach you ribbon to the tree.

Once you have your floral wire attached, bend your loops like shown. You will then place your loop ribbon onto a branch. Don’t attach to the end of a branch. Push your loop ribbon into your tree, and attach it to where the loops are barely hanging over the edge of the branches.

This is how your loops should look on the tree. It takes a little practice when learning how to decorate a Christmas tree. If your bow is crooked, you may have to remove it from the tree and attach it again. But, don’t stress you will get the hang of it!

Make more loop bows using the same four ribbons, and place them on your Christmas tree dispersed evenly. I made about 10 loop bows with the first collection of ribbons.

The Diamond Pattern

I like to use what I call a diamond pattern when placing my bows onto the tree. Following this pattern will help you space out your bows evenly.

Now make another set of loop bows using different ribbon. I had to do this because I used up my most expensive ribbon first. Find some ribbon that is small and narrow. This looks beautiful cascading down the branches.

After you placed your ribbon onto your tree, stand back and look to see where the empty spots are located, and add extra ribbon where needed.

Poinsettias look beautiful dispersed evenly in a Christmas tree. Plus, they can help fill in the empty spots. I look for mine in the floral department of the craft store.

I found these frosted pine cones at World Market. They came in a bag of about 20. What I love about them, is that the wire is attached to the end of the pine cone. It makes it so easy to attach them to the tree branches.

Again, don’t overdo it when adding your pine cones to the tree. Make sure when you attach them that they look natural hanging off the branches.

How to decorate a Christmas tree with floral stems

Next, you want to add small sprigs and branches to your tree. When placed correctly, it looks elegant dangling from the branches.

Again, look in the floral department for long stems. You want to use wire cutters to cut small pieces of the greenery. Don’t make them too short, you want them to hang down low as well as have enough of the stem to attach to the branches.

Do this same technique with the long iced branches. The trick is not to bunch them together. Cut one small twig and place it into your tree, then keep adding more in the same diamond pattern.

Adding small twigs and greenery will give your tree a very airy and natural look. You will be surprised what a difference it will make.

I love adding a lot of different delicate stems to my tree. This little branch is glittery and dainty.

Take wire cutters and trim into small pieces. Then bend them a little so that when placed on the end of the branches they look natural and attach easily.


Now, let’s finish up and work on the top of the tree. I fell in love with these frosted branches. I purchased three of them, and used wire cutters to separate them. I used one gold glittery sprig for the middle and placed the other branch pieces around in a circle.

Instead of one large ribbon at the top, I made several loop bows and placed them directly under the frosted branches all the way around the top of the tree. It took five different loop bows to go around the tree.

If some of your frosted branches have trouble staying in place, use some floral wire to attach them to the tree branches.

Now you have a wonderfully decorated Christmas tree. Learning how to decorate a Christmas tree isn’t hard, if you follow these easy steps.

If you would rather watch my video tutorial:

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