Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern Made from Burlap and Felt

I wanted to share an easy Christmas tree skirt pattern that will make your tree look fantastic! If you are looking for cheap Christmas decorations that you want to be really special, this DIY project is for you!

This is an easy Christmas tree skirt pattern, but I will warn you, burlap is messy to work with! It sheds tons of little baby burlap fur! So, if you haven’t worked with it before, just wanted to give you a heads up.

Supplies Needed:

6 yards of burlap (48″-54″)
1/2 yard white/cream felt
covered buttons kit
needle & thread
small buttons
hot glue
package of Velcro

Burlap is inexpensive, and of course, I always watch for it to go on sale to save even more money. Burlap usually runs between $6 -8 a yard. I purchased mine for a little under $5 after using a coupon.

Adding a pleated ruffle to your tree skirt takes a lot more fabric. If you don’t want to have a ruffle on your tree skirt then you need to purchase 2 yards.

Okay, let’s get started. I am going to show you how to make your felt flowers. I made 16 flowers for the skirt. Draw a pedal onto some paper to use for your pattern. My petals measured just under 3″. You will need to cut out 64 petals.

Lay one petal over the other and using a needle and thread, sew them together with a few stitches.

Pinch your petals in the middle and sew them together like shown. Sew the rest of your petals together before moving onto the next step.

Place one pair of petals on top of the other, and run your thread through a few times. Then place the button on top and stitch to your flower. Secure the threads on the back of the flower.

Without the ruffle, the diameter of my tree skirt measures 44″. (the width of the circle) My burlap was only 48″ wide, so a 44″ circle sounded like a good size.

This is the easy way to cut a circle. Measure the width of your burlap and stick a pin directly into the middle. Do not mark it with a pin or pencil.

Next, cut a string or flexible rope 22″ long. (this is your radius, which is half the width of your circle) Pin down your rope or string with the same pin you used to mark the middle of your burlap.

Now all you do is move the string in a circle marking the length with a pen as you go all the way around. Then simply take your scissors and follow the dotted trail!

Remember, this Christmas tree skirt pattern isn’t supposed to be difficult. And your work doesn’t have to be perfect. You’re making a tree skirt, not a dress for the Queen, so no stressing out.

In this step, you want to make a slit. Find the middle of your circle again, and cut a straight line to the middle.

There are many Christmas tree skirt patterns that are no sew patterns, and those are great! But, since burlap ravels so much, I really like to sew mine.

For the ruffle, I do not gather it, but hand pleat it while I am sewing. (more on that in a minute). The total measurement around this tree skirt is about 138″. The ruffle needs to be 1 1/2 times longer in order to make the pleats. That measurement is roughly around 207″. At this point cut a piece 207″ by 16″ for the ruffle. You will have to sew pieces together for a total of 207″.

I personally don’t like the look of hemmed ruffles. Double-sided ruffles have more body and look so much more elegant and polished. It does take a lot more fabric, but I think it is worth it.

Fold your burlap in half. Then sew your pieces together and press your burlap. Before you attach your burlap ruffle to the tree skirt stitch along the raw edges. Burlap ravels like you wouldn’t believe! This extra step is worth every minute. Then hem the ends of the burlap.

Fold over the raw edges from your slit and stitch. You can go ahead and add your Velcro like pictured, or wait until after you add your ruffle.

Ready to attach the ruffle? Like I mentioned above, I made the ruffled pleats as I went along. I sew them about an inch apart. After you sew a few, it is really easy to eyeball it.

To make a pleat, all you do is fold over a little of the burlap and stitch across. Take your time and continue around your tree skirt.

Now for the fun part; adding the flowers! Pin your flowers 8″ apart.

Warm up your hot glue gun, this is the easy part. Place something under each flower as you begin to hot glue them to your tree skirt. The glue can easily seep through the burlap.

You can glue your flowers on with the petals going in all directions, or pull them down like pictured above. Add a little glue directly under the button, and then add a “dot” of glue to the outside petals to hold them in place.

How to make your burlap covered buttons.

Make sure you purchase the kit for covered buttons, and not just the package of extra buttons. Cut your burlap using the pattern on the back of the package, insert into the white mold. Fold your fabric over the button, and place the button back on top.

Now you use the “pusher piece” ( I know, I know. . . ) until it snaps the back piece into place. Burlap is tough and thick, so press really hard!

Place your buttons 5″ apart, and attach using hot glue.

Whew, you’re done! What a beautiful Christmas tree skirt!

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