Front Door Wreaths

Create fabulous curb appeal with gorgeous front door wreaths!

Don’t you LOVE decorative front door wreaths? If you are looking for front door decorating ideas, a wreath can make any door look spectacular! A well decorated front door creates eye catching curb appeal!

I’ve taken some photos to help give you inspiration for your front door! Whether you are going to learn how to make a wreath, or have one made, the two important factors to consider are the colors of the flowers and ribbon, and the size of your wreath.

Many times I see small wreaths on large doors, or large wreaths on small doors! Choose flowers that coordinate with the color of your door, and really show up from the street.

Front Door Wreaths from Jenniferdecorates.comThis is a wreath I made for a client.  I paired two different ribbons for the bow.  I chose red, green, white, and just a touch of purple for my color scheme in the wreath.

Front door wreaths by Jenniferdecorates.comI placed a large white chrysanthemum in front of the bow.

Front Door Wreaths for a Double Door

I made these two wreaths for a sweet friend of mine. The red flowers really show up from the street.
Front Door Wreaths by Jenniferdecorates.comHere is a close-up of the wreath from the top photo.  I made this wreath using what is called a “twig wreath”. I wanted some of the twig wreath to show, so I only put flowers on 3/4’s of the wreath.  Burlap ribbon is probably my favorite ribbon to make wreath bows with! Love this wreath.

Learn How to Make a Spring Wreath

Here is my video showing your how to make a spring wreath!  It is easy!  And you can do it!


Quick Tip on Hanging Your Front Door Wreath

I have given up using suction cup hooks! I find that after awhile they pop off the glass, and I usually drive up with my wreath on the ground! I have found the best product for hanging front door wreaths is 3M Command adhesive hooks. Believe me, this product will save you some frustration!

I saw this unique wreath idea in Nashville, and just had to show you!  A frame for a wreath!  I love it.  Do you see the little garden critter they have hanging from the monogrammed letter?

I love the simplicity of this wreath. It is made from dried boxwood, and looks like a fresh wreath. Of course, the gorgeous black door, and huge planters help complete this fabulous look!

Purple is a great color choice for this door. It gives just the right “pop” of color. If you want to make this wreath yourself, you will want to start with what is called a “twig” wreath.

Purchase dark green dried moss and apply it with a hot glue gun. Attach three simple purple hydrangeas and small white flowers with hot glue also.

Use three different ribbons to make your bow stand out. The burlap ribbon paired with soft purple and green ribbon is perfect!

Aren’t these doors gorgeous? I love the birdhouses that are attached to the door wreaths! There are so many unique items you could incorporate in your design. Sometimes, I really get my best ideas from strolling up and down the craft aisles. You never know what may stand out and make a unique decorative wreath.

How unique is this door decoration? They opted for gathered flowers! How simple and easy is that? Shop for some flowers with coordinating colors. Lay them on a table at varied heights, then tie with floral wire. Next, add a ribbon around the floral wire.

Fall Front Door Wreaths

This is my wreath I hang on my door for fall. I love the grapevine pumpkins and burlap bow!

For Christmas, I used a twig wreath and added berries and pine greenery. The little red berries make this wreath stand out!

Paper carrots, bird’s nest, and soft colored flowers make the perfect Easter wreath.

I make several different kinds of Christmas wreaths.  They range from very traditional to whimsical like this sock monkey wreath!

I absolutely love making front door wreaths! If you have a hot glue gun and you can tie a bow, YOU can make your own beautiful wreaths! Don’t be afraid to give it a try! It’s easy, and you will be the envy of your neighbors!

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