Exterior Home Ideas

Creating colorful curb appeal on a budget!

Exterior home ideas can be affordable and easy to do! You can make some easy low-cost improvements that will make a world of difference! Sometimes it is all about taking a step back and giving your home an honest evaluation.

Exterior curb appeal ideas from Jennifer

Maybe you just need some door wreaths, or repaint your shutters. Whether you are looking for front yard curb appeal because you are trying to sell your home, or just need some updating, a few easy and simple ideas can really transform your home!

Honest Evaluation

Walk out to the curb and stand there and pretend you have never seen your home before. What kind of impression does your home give you? What things do you like, and what things do you not like? Make a list of the things that need improving.

Take another look at your home in the evening. If you are selling your home remember many people drive by homes for sale after work. Is your home dark and unwelcoming? Make sure you have it lit up in the evening.

Clean Up

Most of the time when I help clients with their curb appeal ideas, the first thing we need to do is clean up! Overgrown shrubbery, hoses laying out, empty plastic pots, and cobwebs are not attractive! Is your sidewalk brown with mold? If you don’t have a pressure washer, you can rent one from any home improvement store. Pressure washing makes everything look brand new.

Exterior curb appeal ideas from Jennifer

Does your front door need a new coat of paint? What about adding a “pop” of color like red or yellow? Does your door hardware need replacing? How about adding some decorative house numbers to your door.

Exterior curb appeal ideas from Jennifer

At the top of my list for curb appeal ideas would have to be front door wreaths. Adding decorative wreaths to your door is a way to give an inviting and welcoming feel to your entrance. It is also another way to add a little color to your front door. Your front door really should be eye-catching and interesting.

Front Porch Decorating Ideas

Exterior curb appeal ideas from Jennifer

One of the biggest factors in curb appeal is having things neat and tidy. This most definitely includes the front porch. Sometimes the biggest mistake people make when decorating a front porch, is over decorating and making things look cluttered.

Keep things simple and neat when choosing your front porch decor. Even though you may be decorating small spaces, a fewer larger items look much better than many little items.

Exterior Home Ideas – Window Boxes

Exterior curb appeal ideas from Jennifer

Window boxes add such character to a house, especially if your home is country cottage style. You can also have large window boxes on your porch like the one pictured above.

Creating exterior curb appeal from Jennifer Decorates.comI love the color of the window box!  Gorgeous!


Exterior curb appeal ideas from Jennifer

Consider placing an attractive potted plant in your yard. Make sure to place it in a flower bed, or up against your house. It never looks good sitting out in the yard all by itself!

Exterior curb appeal ideas from Jennifer

I wish I could say this is my house, and these gorgeous flowers were planted and grown by me.  This is a photo I took of a home in Franklin, TN.

The stone walkway is stunning, along with the black urns filled with boxwood and more beautiful flowers.

Everyone can dream right?

Exterior Lights

Exterior curb appeal ideas from Jennifer

Take a look at your outdoor lights on your porch or garage. Are they old and outdated? Consider dusk to dawn lighting with a motion sensor. What is great about this type of lighting is that it stays on dim until there is movement, then once the lights sense movement, they turn brighter. You never have to remember to turn your lights on in the evening.

One of the Easiest Exterior Home Ideas is to Add Decorative Garage Door Hardware

Exterior curb appeal ideas from Jennifer

For an easy and dramatic exterior home ideas project, you can add decorative garage door hardware and totally change the look of your whole house!  And, what is even better is it will cost you around $25 a door!


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