Planter Ideas – Creative Containers for Gardening

Need unique planter ideas for your garden or porch? I will be honest with you, I do not have a green thumb. But, I do much better when I grow flowers in containers.

I purchased a wooden box, and filled it with Irish Moss. The simplicity of this look is lovely. You can put a smaller container inside of the wooden box, or just stick your dirt and moss right in!

Irish moss has sweet little flowers that bloom many times almost covering the moss. This vegetation is easy to grow and loves full sun.

Isn’t this a great design?  I love it. This wonderful creation is from April of  A simple terracotta pot, rope, hot glue, and outdoor acrylic paint, makes for an amazing container!  Thanks April! You are one smart cookie!

Attach galvanized flower buckets to a fence or shed. Make sure to puncture small holes in the bottom for drainage. Then simply fill with dirt and flowers.  This is budget gardening for sure!

Shop junk stores and antique stores for vintage and salvaged items that would make unique containers.

Need some color in your yard? Paint some terracotta pots. Craft stores carry different brands of outdoor acrylic paints.  Have some fun and fill your porch or yard with color.

I am in love with this work of art!  Check out Jeanne from BeesKneesBungalow. She made a gorgeous terracotta wreath filled with succulents.

Here is a photo of her inspiration from Bachman’s 2011 Summer Ideas House.

What gorgeous green, glazed pots that are coupled with pink tulips. Gives me some inspiration to paint some terracotta pots and fill them with pink flowers!

A Few Supplies to Get You Started:

Story of my gardening life.

Planter IdeasA beautiful potted geranium is really all I need!

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