Burlap Ribbon Ideas for Outdoor Decorating

I’m in love with burlap ribbon! I have a screened-in porch where many fun and relaxing hours are spent with friends and family. To take advantage of the evening hours, I added grapevine and Christmas lights around the top of our porch.

After staring at the grapevine and lights over a cup of coffee one morning, I realized it was looking a little sloppy.


See, it looks pretty messy.  Well, I was so excited to find wide burlap ribbon at my local craft store Hobby Lobby!

 I paid around $6.50 for this roll.

What a difference!  This looks so much neater and elegant.  I love it!

This project only took four rolls of ribbon.  If you are looking for unique outdoor decorating ideas, this one is perfect!

To start placing the ribbon around the porch, I left about a 12 inch tail that I cut at an angle. Because my porch is wood, using a staple gun made this job easier.

If your porch is metal, purchase 3MM adhesive hooks.  Then tie some jute string around your loops, and hang onto your hooks.

The trick to making your ribbon not look like you just threw it up there, is making all of your loops close to the same size. You can twist the burlap, but make sure you spread it out around the grapevine.

I love the way this looks in the evening.  It is so soft and serene.  With glowing lights, chirping crickets, soft music, and cold drinks, conversation extends well into the evening hours.

This wide ribbon makes a beautiful bow on a grapevine wreath.

Here is how to make a bow.

These are a few of my favorite things…

Having an outdoor wedding? How about a personalized burlap aisle runner monogrammed for that special bride and groom?

Have some shopping to do? How about these attractive market totes that express a farmhouse style?

This is a lovely ottoman that is on my wish list.  Burlap, ruffle, painted wood, what is not to love?