Wedding Chair Decorations – Beautiful and Inexpensive Idea!

I have two sons getting married this summer! Wedding chair decorations are just one out of a hundred things needing to be done! A group of ladies and I attended a bridal show in Nashville.  There were so many fabulous ideas. I took several photos to share with you.

MR. and MRS. Burlap Chair Signs

Below is a photo of an idea I came up with after being inspired by all the wonderful ideas at the bridal show.  This is an extremely beautiful and inexpensive decoration that anyone can do!


wedding chair decorations


  • two 12″x4″ burlap canvas
  • two flowers (optional)
  • wide ribbon
  • iron-on letters
  • paint pen

At first, I thought I would stencil the letters onto the burlap canvas.  Then I found these iron-on 2″ letters that were just the right size!  That cut my work time in half!

Measure your canvas and space out your letters accordingly.  Don’t worry if it isn’t exactly perfect!

Once your letters are spaced correctly, lay a thin towel over them.  Turn your iron to the “no steam” setting, press iron-on letters for 30 seconds.

I used a paint pen to put a period after Mr. and Mrs.  Again, don’t stress over imperfections!

You want to attach the ribbon on both sides of your burlap canvas.  I nailed mine in, but you could use a staple gun.

For this demonstration, I used artificial flowers.  But, you can easily use real flowers.

I attached my flowers with small nails. Trim your flowers so that one flower is slightly longer than the other.

Here are some photos I took at a Wedding Event in Nashville.

To me, nothing is more beautiful than a simple arrangement of baby’s breath.  The satin ribbon attaching the small basket to the chair is pure rustic elegance.

A simple wreath, green moss, and beautiful ribbon, and a printed card added the right touch.  Love it!

This photo was what inspired me to create the burlap canvas decor.  I have found old wood at the flea market and local junk stores.  You could also purchase wood from the home improvement store, cut it down to size,  and paint it white.

If you’re not into a country wedding, this chair has everything a girl wants!  Feathers, sparkle, and bling!

I hope you found some inspiration for your wedding chair decorations.

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