Rehearsal Dinner Decorations

I am so excited to show you my rehearsal dinner decorations I made for my oldest son’s wedding.  And, YES, I did them on a tight budget!

Our rehearsal dinner was in a local restaurant in town.  The separate dining room had a fireplace, so I knew that would be the focal point.

If you are having your rehearsal dinner in a restaurant, be sure to find out the decorating restrictions, and the time you will be allowed to decorate.

Flower Garland Cost?

This garland, not including the candle holders and candles cost $60.  I purchased everything on sale.

Of course, you may not have a fireplace where you’re going to have the rehearsal dinner, but you could make a garland to lay down the middle of the bride and groom’s table like in the photo below from Nancy,  of Oak and The Owl.

So, how did I make my wedding garland for only $60?

I used BOTH artificial flowers, FREE hydrangeas, and miniature roses from Kroger for $9.99.  If you are getting married in early spring or summer, find someone who has a yard full of hydrangeas!   Or you could pick some wild flowers.

Where to Start

Purchase an inexpensive artificial garland.  Next, hot glue, or use floral wire to attach your artificial flowers.  Go ahead and add your lights, be sure to wire them in place.

Because I had a very small window to decorate the restaurant, I pre-made everything I could beforehand.  The only thing I added to the garland later, were the real hydrangeas and roses.

Now, make your bow, and add your sheer ribbon to the garland.

I wired my ribbon to the garland in a few places.

After I wired the bow to the garland, I hot glued pink artificial roses in the center. One of the smaller ribbons had sparkly swirls.  When dining in the evening, adding sparkle to your rehearsal dinner decorations really shows up in the candlelight.

See how there is some flower vines hanging down from the bow?  This is really easy to do.

You can use pipe cleaners or floral wire to attach the vines to the back of your bow.

To keep your flowers fresh for several hours you need to purchase floral water picks.  They are inexpensive and easy to use. I found mine at the craft store for a pack of 12 for $1.99.

Pop the rubber lid off, fill with water, place lid back on, and slide your flower into the floral water pick.  Easy!

So, once you arrive at the restaurant the only thing you need to do is add your real flowers to the garland.

Inexpensive and Beautiful Door Decoration

Make a burlap bow to hang on a door.  Then place real baby’s breath and greenery at the top of the bow.  So beautiful, so inexpensive!

Table Decorations for Rehearsal Dinner

Again, I kept it simple and inexpensive.  We had four large tables that would seat 10 guests.  I made two small arrangements for each table, then placed two small candle votives on each side of the arrangement.

Again, I used my FREE hydrangeas around the outside of the square glass vase, and the little roses in the middle. You can also add baby’s breath, and other greenery to your arrangements.

I found the square glass vases at the pottery store for $2.50.  That made each arrangement cost under $5.

I added some rose petal decorations around the candles and vases.  This is an actual photo from the rehearsal dinner.

One More Rehearsal Dinner Decorations Idea:

I used PicMonkey to add the date to the photo, then sent it to Wal-greens and had them enlarge the photo.  I thought it turned out great!

Here is a photo from our special evening.  I hope these rehearsal dinner decorations help you create a special evening for you and your family.

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