Bridal Shower Centerpiece Ideas – Affordable and Adorable!

I have had to come up with two bridal shower centerpiece ideas in one summer?  Why?  My two sons were married six weeks apart!  I know!  Don’t get me started.

Bridal Shower centerpiece ideas!Two Beautiful Bridal Shower Centerpiece Ideas

This first bridal centerpiece ideas was a creation for my daughter-in-law.  It was very easy to make!

I wanted to create a bridal shower centerpiece idea that was different than anything else I’d seen.  So, it was off to the craft store where I wandered the aisles to see if some bridal shower decoration ideas floated into my cluttered mind.

I spotted this in the metal decor aisle, and knew exactly what to make.  The first thing I did was take metal wire cutters and remove the metal bow that is attached at the waist.

I used Krylon “Sterling Silver” spray paint.  This paint is fantastic.  I only needed one coat!

Spray painting this dress figure silver softened the look.  I think it turned out beautiful!

I purchased 5 yards of white tulle.  I kept it folded in half, then took a needle and thread and gathered the top half of the tulle.

Once, all the tulle was gathered, I hot glued it evenly around the waist.  Then, I trimmed the dress to the perfect length.

Next, I added a satin bow that matched the bride’s wedding colors.  For the bodice of the dress I used hot glue to attach the small fabric roses. (I found the little white roses in the fabric trim section.  They were sold by the yard, and I simply cut them into separate pieces.)

For the back of the bodice, I only applied a few roses.  Don’t you love the way the satin bow makes the whole bridal gown come alive with color and elegance?

Here is my finished bridal shower centerpiece displayed in the center of the dining room table at the bridal shower.  Everyone LOVED it!  And, they will love the one you make also!

Here is my sweet daughter-in-law, having a little fun at her bridal shower.

A Cinderella Centerpiece

Bridal centerpiece ideas

I ordered this white metal Cinderella carriage online.  Then I placed wet foam in a small bowl, placed it inside of the carriage, and filled it with flowers.  To finish off this bridal centerpiece idea, I wrapped tulle around the bottom of the carriage and tied a beautiful bow to complete the look.

The Perfect Pair

Bridal Shower Centerpiece Ideas from Jennifer Decorates.comThis bridal centerpiece ideas was easy to make, but this one took a lot more time.  I love making and crafting things, so the time put into making this was fun and therapeutic.

Bridal Shower Centerpiece Ideas from Jennifer Decorates.comPurchase a cheap pair of white shoes.  If you can’t find any white shoes, which was the problem I ran into, you can spray them with a can of white spray paint.  I went to the bridal section in Hobby Lobby to find all the accessories and bling.

Bridal Shower Centerpiece Ideas from Jennifer Decorates.comI glued lace onto the shoes with craft glue.  I had to cut the lace into small pieces before applying onto the shoes.  Next, I added little pearls with hot glue. The wedding colors were teal and light purple, so I added just a touch of the colors onto the side of the shoe.

Bridal Shower Centerpiece Ideas from Jennifer Decorates.comNext, I painted a paper mache hot box white, and then gathered tulle with a needle and thread, and attached it with hot glue.

bridal-shower-centerpiece-ideasNext, after the lid was placed on tightly, I hot glued little white roses and a string of pearls all around the hat boxed edge.

Bridal shower centerpiece ideas from Jenniferdecorates.comWet foam was cut into smaller pieces and placed inside the shoes.  Carefully add water to the wet foam, and then cut the rose stems 2″ long and begin placing them in the foam.  Add the roses right before your bridal shower so they keep fresh.

Bridal shower centerpiece ideas from Jenniferdecorates.comI found a paper mache cut out, painted it white and added glitter.  You can use your computer to find beautiful fonts for your happy couple.

Bridal shower centerpiece ideas from Jenniferdecorates.comThe bridal shower centerpiece looked perfect next the silver plate of chocolate bark. (yes, I had quite a few pieces)

If you would like to make a beautiful flower arrangement for your bridal shower, here is my video with easy instructions!

Or, you can read my page about floral arranging! I will guide you step-by-step in a photo tutorial.  You can do it!  Really!

Want to learn to make your own bridal bouquet?

Need more wedding ideas, stick around and click around!


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