Accessorizing with Mirrors

I really love accessorizing with mirrors. As I was writing this page, I started thinking about where all the mirrors are throughout my house. I realized there are many in my home! Not because I’m vain, but because I love light!

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One of the wonderful things about mirrors is that they reflect light. They also make a room appear much larger. Another great thing about mirrors is the fact that you can use them in any room. Whether it is in your kitchen, living room, master bedroom, or even in one of your outdoor rooms.

So, I want to share some photos and ideas of ways you can use mirrors to enhance your home. Think a little outside the box, and you can come up with really unique ideas!

One of the main decorating problems I noticed when I walk into a client’s home is usually the furniture and accessories are under scaled. This is so easy to do.

In this photo the mirror is very large, but fits the space well. One of the reasons is because of the tall ceilings. Take advantage of tall ceilings with large pieces of wall art. It brings the eye upwards and highlights the large ceilings.

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When accessorizing with mirrors, they can serve dual purposes. We had an open laundry “closet”, and decided to close it in. Instead of white paneled doors, I chose mirrored folding doors. They turned out fabulous! They just opened up the space!

Unique Mirror Ideas

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Wine Barrel Mirror  from Emma Reddington

I adore this idea!  You can purchase an old wine barrel for under $50.  Cut it down, and take it to a glass shop and have them cut a mirror to fit the inside of the barrel. Use a strong adhesive to apply the mirror.

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This mirror hangs in my living room. It resembles an old clock.  I love to find mirrors that are also a really unique piece of wall decor.

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Purchase an antique mantel to turn into a headboard.  Have a mirror cut to fit into the mantel like in the photo above from Better Homes & Gardens.

Hang a Collection of Mirrors Above Your Bed

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Save Money Creating Your Own Original Mirror

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This is a Ballard Designs knockoff from  She purchased regular plain mirrors and added “Gallery Glass” stain in white to create the unique design.

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This is a mirror I purchased at a garage sale for $5. It was an awful gold color. So, I painted it with high gloss latex paint. It turned out great. If something isn’t just the right color or patina, remember a little paint goes a long way!

NOTE: When you get paint on a mirror do not use a razor blade or any other sharp object to scrape it off. Unlike glass, mirror will scratch. And yes, I say that from experience! Spray your mirror with Windex and scrape it off using your fingernail.

Wreath & Mirror – Perfect Marriage

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I love the look of a wreath hanging over a mirror. I guess it is accessorizing an accessory. I think it is gorgeous. Many times you see photos of Christmas wreaths over mirrors, but you could use a simple and natural wreath all year round.

This gorgeous wreath and mirror combo is from

DIY Mirror Ideas Using Old Doors

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I love to purchase old doors from the flea market.  I take them to a local glass company to have them measure and cut the mirror.  This makes such a unique and cheap wall decor idea.

Accessorizing with Mirrors in Outdoor Living Spaces

Don’t forget your outside room! Mirrors used in outdoor rooms are so gorgeous reflecting nature and light. Be sure to choose a mirror that can withstand a little weather. A mirror with a metal frame would be best!

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Use small 4″x4″ square mirrors under candles inside or outside your home. It will reflect light beautifully.

So when accessorizing with mirrors, remember to think outside the box.

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