Wall Decor Ideas

wall decor ideas

Now you are ready to focus on wall decor ideas.  Feeling a little bit lost about what to choose?  Well, when I am decorating for a client, and we are discussing wall decor, my client will ask me, “What do you think we should put there?”.  And, many times my response is, “I have no idea.”  This is because I never know what cool and neat decor I may stumble upon.  Below are 5 of my basic rules to follow when you are deciding on what wall decor to choose.

5 Basic Rules for Wall Decor Decorating

There are 5 basic rules I follow when choosing wall decor.  So, let’s chat about them.  Below I have several posts of different wall decor ideas for several different rooms.


It is always better to go large than small.

Wall decor ideas from Jennifer Decorates.comNow, can you choose something that is way too big?  Sure, that can happen.  But, 9 times out of 10 my clients have chosen wall decor that is way too small for the space.  The artwork above the green couch seems to be floating.  It is too small and hung too high.  In the second photo on the right a larger picture is used, and it is hung closer to the couch.  Much better!

RULE 2# 

Create neat and organized collages with similar sized items.

Wall decor ideas from Jennifer Decorates.comWhen you hang a grouping of similar items together, you create a very unique look.

Wall decor ideas done right from Jennifer Decorates.comThese framed seashells give the illusion of one large piece of artwork.  Now, here is the downside to hanging a grouping; it takes time to line them up all neat!  Believe me, I have had to patch a few holes where I messed up!  The trick is, to use very small nails first, see how the wall art looks and lines up first.  Then remove art from wall and add larger nails!


Don’t overdo too many family photos in one room.  

Wall decor ideas from Jennifer Decorates.comI love my family photos more than anything, so I’m not saying don’t have family photos.  It is about balance.  To keep things balanced and neat, when framing a collage of family photos, purchase all the same color frames and mats.  This keeps the look simple, organized, and neat.  For more ideas here is a great post from BHG.


Vary wall decor on each wall of your room.

Wall decor done right by Jennifer Decorates.comFor example, if you have an iron piece on one wall, then hang a picture or painting with color and depth on an adjoining wall.  Another example: If you have a large print on one wall, then hang a collage of smaller prints on the next wall.


Hang a mirror in every room.

Wall decor ideas that work! from Jennifer Decorates.comWhether you decorate with a big mirror, or a collage of smaller mirrors, mirrors reflect light and make a room feel larger.  Plus, you always have a room to check and see how your makeup is holding up!

A Few More Wall Decor Ideas and

My Shopping Secrets:

When I invite friends and family over, almost every time someone will ask me, “Where did you find that?”  Well, I have some special places in and around Nashville, which I realize won’t help you out.  But, let me share with you places to look no matter where you live.

One of my TOP favorite places to shop is the flea market.  You never know what you will find!  You can find beautiful old windows, iron wall decor, old shutters, old antique prints, old sheet music that can be framed, and more!  You never know what you will find!  It is amazing the things I find at the flea market.

Another one of my favorite places to shop is discount stores like T.J. Maxx, HomeGoods, Marshall’s, and Target.  They always have great prices, and unique items.  I also shop Hobby Lobby for wall decor items.  They have a great selection, and when they have their half-off sale, you can’t beat the prices.

I also love to do my own DIY wall decor.  I have made several things for my home, which you can click through the post listed below to find some ideas you could implement in your home.

Wall decor ideas that work! from Jennifer Decorates.comPrint a large black and white  unique candid photo of your favorite pet or pets, and frame them in a black frame with a white  mat.

Wall decor done the right way. from Jennifer Decorates.comAnother trick I do for visual interest on a wall is staggering wall decor.  It fills more of the wall space both horizontally and vertically.

Etsy is another great place to shop for wall decor.  There are some really talented people creating some really sensational unique wall decor.

Remember to surround yourself with art and wall decor that makes you happy.   And following a few of my simple rules, will help you pull everything together.

Ready for your last step?

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