Modern Decorating Style

Modern decorating style is not a look that has to be cold and impersonal. I recently finished decorating for two of my favorite clients! They are world travelers, and have many interesting treasures from their travels.

This is such a fabulous dining room.  It is so open and inviting. It makes a grand room for entertaining.

Instead of a large hutch, we added a distressed painted buffet table. The client’s owned an antique woven rug that we decided to mount on the wall. The photo does not do it justice.  The colors are so rich.

We added two buffet lamps. Place 40 watt bulbs in your buffet lamps. This is just enough light to add a calming and relaxing ambiance to the room. Purchase an inexpensive timer from your home improvement store, so that the buffet lamps come on at dusk.

These long silk panels soften the room beautifully. I purchased a rod from the home improvement store and had them cut it into two pieces 18″ each. I then drilled small holes for the finials. Hanging the window treatments this way did not distract from the large window.

If making your own florals, find a unique container for them to add more interest.

Large seed pods, and black feathers made this arrangement stand out. I attached green moss on the top edge of the container using hot glue.


So, we had a little work to do in the kitchen. Accessories were needed, and the area above the stove needed a lot of help.

I found an antique leaded glass window to hang in the open space between the kitchen and living room.

The window was white, so I painted it black, and hung it with chain from the home improvement store.

Place a collection of items on a tray. Nothing is happier than a jar full of faux lemons.

If you like cheap decorating ideas, place some coffee beans in a glass dish.  It not only looks great, it smells fabulous!

I love this open floor plan. A new black distressed kitchen table was purchased. The old chairs were spray painted with Rustoleum  “hammered bronze”.

The table runner and wire basket are from Target. The unique filler came from Pier 1 Imports. The natural elements displayed on a black distressed table was perfect!

Unique wall decor is what makes modern decorating style ideas so interesting. This is a burlap coffee bag that I stapled onto a canvas. I then took bronze nail heads and hammered them 2″ apart. Now this was a cheap decorating idea!

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