Easter Table Decorations

Great ideas to help you set a gorgeous table!

Below are some delightful Easter table decorations. Unique designs from table setting ideas, chair decorations, beautiful Easter centerpiece, fun and flirty napkin ring craft ideas, to charming place card ideas.

If you are looking for some ideas to make this holiday special, then I am so glad you stopped by!

Table Setting Ideas

Easter decorating ideas are always full of bright spring colors, and decorating your table should be no exception. If you have white plates, then add some colorful salad plates on top.

I love plate chargers. They add elegance to any table. I used bright green place-mats for this table setting, along with some artificial carrots I found at the craft store.

Shop local discount stores for dishes, you never know what you might find.

This is an Easter place setting idea I saw at the store Williams-Sonoma in the mall. It isn’t a discount store, but they have some neat ideas. I love these bunny plates.

Napkin Ring Ideas

How cute are these little bunny ears made of burlap? I found these and the bird napkin ring below from Pier 1. You don’t have to use cloth napkins with napkin rings, but if you are going to use paper napkins I would buy nice ones, like the one made by Vanity.

For just under $3 you can add some charming napkin rings. If you don’t want to use napkin rings, try some stunning napkin folding ideas.

I found some adorable bunny napkin rings at a sweet little antique shop. After a stop at Sonic for Diet strawberry limeade, I was headed in search for pretty napkins to compliment these charming bunnies.

Eight little bunnies, all in a row; decorated with sweet little bows.

Place Card Ideas – An Easter Table Decorations Must

Unique place cards are one of my favorite Easter table decorations. Write a simple initial on some hard boiled brown eggs using a paint pen. Then place the egg in an egg cup. This is a cheap table decorating idea that is adorable!

This is one of my favorite place cards holder ideas.  I took a simple little peat pot, filled it with green moss, small painted eggs, and made a handmade place card glued on a stick.

You can find these little paper eggs at the craft store. I painted mine with the acrylic color called “Spa Blue” from the Americana acrylic paint line.

After you add a coat of this paint, rub some watered down “Burnt Umber” onto your eggs if you want them to look antique.

I found these little wood cut-outs at the craft store also. They come in a bag with all different sizes. When I saw these smaller pieces they reminded me of bunny ears. Perfect!

Paint  the wood pieces white. Then using a damp paper towel, gently rub on some “Burnt Umber” acrylic paint onto the edges. Use a little watered down red paint for the middle of the ears.  Dip a corner of your brush into the red paint and wipe off the excess paint onto a paper towel. Next, brush on a a very small amount of the red paint, then rub with a damp Q-Tip to blend the color.

Once dry, brush on Burnt Umber on the edges of the bunny ears like shown in the above photo. This little trick makes the ears stand out from the rest of the place card.

Next, hot glue your little ears onto the name plate, and then hot glue a small stick to the back. Place your eggs in the peat pot, and poke your place card into the spanish moss. Easy!

Chair Decorations

Here is another idea for Easter table decorations that include decorating your chairs for this holiday.

Are you wanting to go all out for your Easter brunch or dinner? Then make these easy chair decorations.

This little grapevine basket is perfect for decorating the back of a chair. I think this basket could be used for wedding chair decorations also. It is perfect for holding flowers.

To make this arrangement, simply add some green spanish moss, flowers, greenery, and painted Easter eggs.

Make your four loops for the bow. When you cut the ribbon to tie the middle of your bow, cut it extra long. That way you will have enough ribbon to attach this arrangement to your chair.

Moss Ribbon Chair Decoration

I designed this chair decoration around the idea of using moss ribbon.

This moss comes on a spool. Let me warn you, working with it was very messy! You do not want to wrap it around the entire chair back because it will make a mess and get on your guest clothing.

Start by making two loops and tying them off with a long piece of covered floral wire.

Take the excess of your wire and tie the moss onto your chair.

Purchase eggs that already have ribbon attached. Slip two eggs through a piece of the floral wire to attach. Try to make one egg hang higher than the other.

Bunch a few small flowers together with another piece of floral wire. Then attach the flowers to your moss bow.

To cover your flower wire, cut a small piece of moss and hot glue onto the wire. The only wire that should show is the one used to attach your moss bow to the chair.

I think this moss ribbon would be great for a wedding chair decoration. But, after you make your bow and before you add any flowers, I would spray the moss with heavy hairspray. This will keep the moss from shedding.

When trying to photograph your chair decoration, put the dog outside first. Emma thinks she has to be in every photo shoot!

Easter Centerpiece

If you are looking for cheap centerpiece ideas; an attractive floral container, moss, and three large painted eggs creates a lovely Shabby Chic look.

These large paper eggs were only a dollar! Again, I used the color “Spa Blue” and then rubbed some Burnt Umber over the eggs once dry.

This is a beautiful Easter centerpiece made with special paper cabbages. This arrangement can stay on your table all through spring.

I hope these Easter table decorations help you create a wonderful table for your family and friends. Remember to add some great dinner music. But, above all, don’t stress out over having company. Relax and enjoy. It took me a long time to learn that lesson.  People are always happy just to be together.