Easter Wreath

Impress your friends and family with a beautiful Easter craft idea!

The Easter wreath below is one of my favorite wreath designs I have ever made. It is so adorable with the little bird’s nest, speckled eggs, and orange carrots.

My favorite Easter home decor has got to be wreaths! They are so full of cheer and beautiful spring colors, and just say “Welcome Spring”!

I’m glad you’re here to learn about making a wreath for this special holiday!

The first thing you will need is a  “twig wreath”. If you have read any other pages on my different wreath designs, you know I am crazy about the twig wreath.  It is very different from the traditional grapevine wreath.  The twig wreath is very wispy and delicate.

The other supplies you will need are: three nests, plastic speckled eggs, artificial carrots, petite flowers, greenery, and hot glue.

The first thing you want to do is hot glue the greenery to the middle and thickest part of the wreath. Next add your bird’s nest.

Aren’t these eggs too cute? The little speckles on them make them look so real. Hot glue them into the little nests.

When choosing flowers to add to your wreath, try to choose ones that really look realistic.

Next, if you want your wreath to look light and airy, cut your flowers into individual pieces. Clumping too many flowers together takes away from making the wreath look delicate and airy.

Use a hot glue gun to apply your flowers. Again, remember to add only a few flowers. . This does take more time, but it is worth it. You are only wanting to give the wreath some color.

And lastly, tie your carrots onto your wreath using the burlap string that came attached. (I found these carrots in the Easter section at the craft store.)

A little twist to an Easter Wreath by adding pink flowers and a burlap bow.

The craft stores are now full of different colored burlap! And to quote a popular show, I am “happy, happy, happy”.

These are some sweet pink flowers I found at Pier 1. The stems are very loose and floppy and help to keep the wreath delicate and elegant.

How to make a bow

The first thing you want to do is cut a piece about 15″ long, and then take your scissors and cut straight down the middle.  You are going to use one piece for tying your bow in the middle.

1. To make your bow for your Easter wreath, you start by making your first loop. Be sure to leave some excess for the tail of the bow.

2. Make  your second loop on the right side. Keeping your loops all the same size is the key to having a beautiful bow.

3. Make two more loops on each side.

4. Take your cut burlap strip and tie your knot in the middle very tight.

Now all you need to do is cut your tails at an angle like shown. Use the middle burlap strip to tie your bow onto the wreath.

Carrots and Eggs

I found these large carrots at Kirklands.  They already had strings on the top, which made them easy to tie to the Easter wreath.

I found these eggs at the craft store.  I brushed them with watered down brown acrylic paint to give them a vintage look.

Simple and Sweet

For this wreath my main flowers are hydrangeas.   Some greenery, and a sweet burlap bow make this Easter wreath elegant and beautiful.

TIP:  Instead of placing the hydrangea flowers in a clump, cut them into smaller pieces before gluing.  This gives your wreath an airy and flowing look.

TIP:  I have found that if I make a door wreath using burlap with a wired edge, it will withstand the elements 10 times better than burlap that is not wired.

One More Easter Wreath

Easter Wreath Ideas

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