Cheap Halloween Decorations

Looking for cheap Halloween decorations?  I have got a fabulous one for you!  How many of us own an old broken down dollhouse?  How many have we seen at garage sales and thrift stores?  Well, I am going to show you how to go from dollhouse to spooktacular Haunted House! ( If you would rather watch a video of how I made this Haunted House, just scroll down to the bottom of the post.)

Cheap Halloween Decorations from Jennifer Decorates.comCheap Halloween Decorations

My first dollhouse was beyond cheap.  Why?  Well, I saw one in the back of a guy’s truck as he was headed to the dump.  Yes, I trailed him until he stopped, and asked if I could have his old dollhouse.  Hey, I have no pride.

cheap Halloween decorations from Jenniferdecorates.comThis dollhouse I purchased from two special little girls from church.

Break Out the Spray Paint

I used Krylon spray paint in a flat black.  Depending on the size of your playhouse, you may need two cans.  Put some gloves on, and a face mask.  Believe me, spray paint goes everywhere.

Cheap Halloween decorations from Jennifer Decorates.comNow, for the fun part; highlighting your haunted house with acrylic paints.

Cheap Halloween decorations from Jennifer Decorates.comI highlighted around three of the windows with orange.  It took several coats.  I painted the bushes in front of the house green, and added purple to window boxes and the top of the house trim.  Now, the really fun part….

Glitter, a Girl’s Best Friend

Cheap Halloween decorations from JenniferDecorates.comI chose purple, orange, and black for my glitter highlights.  What turned out so cool, was the black glitter once applied looked like a really dark purple!

Cheap Halloween decorations from Jennifer Decorates.comI love the way the black glitter turned out.  You can also see the orange glitter on the top of the window frame.

Cheap Halloween decorations from Jennifer Decorates.comWhat is really cool about adding the glitter, is how great this Haunted House will look in the evening with low lighting!

Get the Kids Involved!

Cheap Halloween decorations from Jennifer Decorates.comTime to add all of the fun little miniatures.  We found these in the dollhouse section, Halloween section, and the scrap-booking section at the craft store.  My last haunted house I used white gauze for the curtains in each window.  Have fun with this part, and let the munchkins get involved!

Cheap Halloween decorations from Jennifer Decorates.comA little ghost found in the scrap-booking aisle, peeks out of the top window.  I used Spanish moss inside the window boxes, and another scrap-booking sticker that says “Spooky” on the railing of the top steps.  A creepy coffin is glued to the back wall, inviting no one to come visit.

Cheap Halloween decorations from JenniferDecorates.comI hot glued a pumpkin and broom to the left of the porch.  A perfect name was hand-painted on the mailbox, and ghostly portraits hang in the window.

cheap Halloween decorations from Jennifer Decorates.comI love my Haunted House!  It will be the centerpiece at my Halloween buffet table! For more Halloween decorating ideas come visit my Halloween website – Hip Hip Halloween.

Video of Dollhouse to Haunted House

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