Beautiful Kitchen Ideas

As an interior decorator, I would have to say beautiful kitchen ideas are probably what I love the most.  I know I pin more kitchens to my Pinterest boards than just about anything else!  I've just finished decorating a client's kitchen and eat-in area, so I'm anxious to share with you the photos.   I also have more beautiful kitchen ideas to share with you from photos I took at different home tours here in Nashville.  The kitchen is the heart of the home.  Everyone loves to congregate in the … [Read more...]

Kitchen Decorating Ideas That Won’t Break Your Budget!

Do you need help with Kitchen decorating ideas? When you walk in your kitchen does it just feel cluttered and uninviting? With a few decorating tips, I will help you turn your kitchen in to a room you love to walk into. The kitchen should be the happiest room in the house. It is where families and friends seem to gather the most. So why not make it something you are proud of, and want to show off? I am going to be brutally honest about what makes a kitchen UNAPPEALING; clutter and just … [Read more...]