How to Wrap a Present

How to Wrap a Present from Jennifer Decorates.comI have some great ideas on how to wrap a present, and give them a designer look.  If you would rather watch a video on how to wrap presents, you can scroll down to the bottom of this post.

How to Make a Bow with Yarn

How to wrap a present from Jenniferdecorates.comI’m sure you knitters out there recognize this yarn!  This yarn made a beautiful bow!  And talk about a bargain!  I purchased this yarn at half off, and it could make a hundred bows.  Maybe not quite a hundred.

How to wrap a present from Jenniferdecorates.comHere is a special present for my dad.  I wrapped it in plaid paper, and topped it with a satin bow.  I love using satin ribbon, because the ribbon looks the same on both sides.  It makes a beautiful bow.  You can hot glue greenery under the bow.  A matching gift tag finishes the look.

How to wrap a present from Jenniferdecorates.comFor the bow, I pulled the ribbon around the package and tied it into a bow.  Next, I turned the present and ran the ribbon under the first bow, and tied another bow.  I chose shatter-proof ornaments, different colored greenery, and a pretty silver gift tag.  The Christmas tree lights bounce off this gift.

How to wrap a present from Jenniferdecorates.comYou can find little grapevine leaves in a package of six.  Wrap your present in brown paper, wrap red burlap around the package, then hot glue the grapevine wreath onto the burlap ribbon.  Next, hot glue greenery, and a few berries, and you have an adorably wrapped gift.

How to wrap a present from Jenniferdecorates.comOne easy way to make a bow is with mesh ribbon.  I repeat the same process as the present above.  Pull the mesh around the present, tie in a bow.  Turn the present and repeat.  Trim your tails, fluff the loops, and you are finished!

How to Wrap a Present That is Beyond Elegant

How to wrap a present from Jenniferdecorates.comHere, I used a light gray tulle ribbon, and a light gray satin ribbon.  Pearl and silver berries were hot glued under the bow, along with a two silver leaves.  I’m going to get major brownie points for this present.

Pretty Presents Under a Pretty Tree

How to wrap a present from

Here is the video with more details on how to wrap a present your friends and family will drool over!

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