Interior House Paint Colors

Some of my favorite colors!

Need interior house paint colors? Every year magazines come out with the “new” colors of the season. Every once in awhile, I will try a new paint color, but, for the most part, I stay true to subtle earth tone colors.

So, what are some of my favorites?

My Favorite Interior House Paint Colors

Blue Shamrock is a beautiful blue color with a hint of gray and green. I painted my teenage daughter’s room this color. It turned out lovely!

Revere Pewter is an extremely popular color! If you are looking for a gray/beige color that will blend well with anything, this is it! One of my top favorites!

Spiced Vinegar – If you are looking for a warm beige that reflects light, this color is for you!

Sand Fossil– Sand Fossil is one value lighter than Spiced Vinegar. It makes a beautiful ceiling color if you are painting Spiced Vinegar on your walls.

Beach Glass – Do you love the cottage style, or beach decorating style? This color is absolutely beautiful! It is subtle, but extremely warming in a room.

Cobblestone -I love warm brown colors painted in living rooms and bedrooms. This brown isn’t too dark, and makes a perfect background color for any decor.

Pineapple Sage– If you are looking for a green that isn’t too bright, and leans towards a very brown earth-tone color, Pineapple Sage is a perfect color. My living room was painted this color, and I loved it.

Spiced Cider– This is a perfect color for a bonus room! We painted our trim black, and it made this color stand out!

Stark white trim is not as popular these days, and I am glad! I really love trim that is painted a subtle off-white, and compliments whatever interior house paint colors you choose.

Below are the different types of paint sheen, and their definitions. Study them carefully. Picking the wrong sheen can be as disastrous as picking the wrong color.

High-gloss – This sheen is the most durable. It is shiny, reflects light, and has a glass-like finish.

Semi-gloss – This sheen has a radiant glow, not as shiny as high-gloss. It is a perfect choice for trim.

Satin – This sheen has a pearl-like appearance. It is great in high traffic areas, like the kitchen, bathroom, and kids rooms.

Eggshell – This sheen is my favorite for painting walls. It has a velvety appearance, cleans well, and looks fantastic.

Flat – I only use this on ceilings, or if I am doing faux painting. So, many builders use flat paint on walls to save money, and in the end homeowners are very frustrated with this sheen! It scuffs easily and is NOT kid-friendly, or pet-friendly.

Paint Touch-Up Tips

Have you ever tried to touch up your paint where there is a small mark? You go in your garage, search through gallons and gallons until you find the right color, paint over the mark, then once it dries it isn’t the same color, and stands out like a sore thumb!

Well, the problem with this method is, usually your paint is a year or two old, the paint on your wall has gathered dirt and dust, and it just will not match.

So, what you need to do is stir your paint really really well. Wash the wall area where you need to touch up. Next pour a little of the paint onto a paper plate. Add a couple of drops of water to the paint to thin it out.

Next, paint the marked area with a large “X”. Keep doing this until the mark is covered. What this does, is the middle of the “X” is where the most concentrated paint is located, the rest fans out and thins out. It helps blend the new paint into the old paint.

My Last Important Tip on Picking Paint Colors:

When you see an image of a painted room on Pinterest or the internet, understand that your room painted the same color will most likely NOT look exactly like the photo. I have so many frustrated clients, that will tell me “It doesn’t look like the photo on Pinterest”.

Photos, and images on the computer are not the same as real life. You can find inspiration with different photos of interior house paint colors, just know you might have to search for very similar colors until you find the right one.

If you would like to upload your own room photo and see what different paint colors will look like, here is a color visualizer from Porter Paints.

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