Boy Bedrooms: Sports Themed Bedroom

Boy bedrooms are so fun to decorated! I love it when I get a new client that needs boy bedroom decorating ideas! The sky is the limit. Below are some photos I took from a few model homes in Nashville.  They were too fabulous not share!

Okay, this is such an awesome idea! A football field with goal lines made from 1″x2″ boards and yard lines marked by stenciled numbers! Then a real football cut in half! Seriously, you can do this!

Instead of painting your trim white, paint it black!  I love it!

What young guy wouldn’t love this sport themed room?

These are custom long drapes under a cornice board. But, you can find great curtains at Target,, and Purchase some nice wood rods from your local home improvement store.

I love this idea! Instead of two wall decor items “floating” on a wall, overlap them! Simple and easy!

Find an old dresser at a garage sale or flea market and paint it black. Add new brushed nickel drawer knobs to give it some “pop”.

Any baseball fans? I had one son who played baseball, and the other played football.  Yeah, the extra testosterone comradery was killing me!

I would love to know where the large bat was purchased. Any woodworker’s out there ever made one?

Again, the football and baseballs mounted on the cornice board were cut in half.  There are so many different ideas you could do using sports equipment! Make a whole wall collage of baseballs. Or spell out your child’s name in baseballs cut in half.

Are you looking for a baseball chair for your son’s room? Click on the link below and check out the details of this swivel base, 32.5′ round by 27.5″ high chair!

Add Special Photos!

Kids bedroom decorating ideas should be designed with every child’s interests in mind.  But, I think a photo taken with the man in their lives that influences them the most, displayed on a shelf is really important.

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