Fall Porch Decorating Ideas You Have to See

Looking for some fall porch decorating ideas?  Are you lucky enough to have a front porch?  I'm glad you have visited today!  Below are a few beautiful and inspirational fall decorating ideas. Many times in the early evening hours, Scott and I will go for a long drive.  This is something we do several times a week.  Hey, I’m a cheap date. The radio is left off, the windows are down, and we follow different back roads all over Rutherford County.  I am always hoping to spot several deer … [Read more...]

Faux Brick Wall Created From Brick Paneling

I am so excited to show you the faux brick wall I created for the  new section of our store, JD's All About Home.  We wanted to add character to the walls, but still remain on a tight budget. Yes, this is brick paneling!  Yes, you can do this DIY project yourself!  Yes, this is an inexpensive project!  So, let me tell you the steps to creating this wall, and if you would rather watch a video tutorial just scroll down to the bottom of this post. Creating a Faux Brick Wall We … [Read more...]

Wedding Table Decorating Ideas

I prefer to keep wedding table decorating ideas easy.  Sometimes it is the simple ideas that come across the most elegant.  I don't take on too many weddings, mostly because it is a ton of work!  I have a special decorating client, and we have a really great working relationship.  So, when she asked if I could decorate for her daughter's wedding I couldn't say no. The photo above is the bridal party table.  There were 16 seats, so the table was rather long!  I placed Seeded Eucalyptus all … [Read more...]

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas You will Love

Looking for easy fall decorating ideas?  To me, fall is one of the best seasons to decorate!  Mainly because just a few fall decorations can be inexpensive and still make a beautiful impact. I headed out to my porch early in the morning with a hot cup of coffee. The minute I opened the door, instead of stifling thick air, I was met by a cool breeze. The temperature change was like a breath of fresh air! As I began sipping my coffee, the thoughts of fall began to fill me with … [Read more...]