How to Make Paper Flowers

Learn to make beautiful sunflowers Learn how to make paper flowers using brown paper from the craft store!  This was a really fun project. You can make these sunflowers for party decoration ideas, or decorating a little girl's room. If you are looking for craft ideas for adults this one is easy and fun. You can make these flowers any size.  I made my sunflowers pretty large to decorate my dining room for a party. Supplies Needed: roll of brown paper yellow and brown spray … [Read more...]

Craft Ideas for Adults

Welcome! Ready for some fun craft ideas for adults? Nothing relaxes me more and gets my mood in a happy place like making crafts! There is something so special about handmade crafts ideas for your friends and family. This page is full of many different ideas to help you decorate for the holidays as well as, for your home.  Just click on the links to see the tutorials for these fun projects. How to Make Paper Flowers Learn how to make paper flowers from brown paper! Unique Bridal … [Read more...]