Living Room Design Ideas – Decorating on a Budget

I spent weeks putting my living room design ideas together for our living room makeover. This room was in desperate need of an update.

To save money, I reused many things I had, like the table in the photo above. This is an antique record cabinet that was my mother’s first furniture purchase back in … well never mind. I stripped and re-stained the cabinet. Now, not only is it beautiful, but is special and dear to me.

My husband gave our fireplace a fantastic makeover, thanks to inspiration from The Lettered Cottage. I cannot wait to decorate it for Christmas!

My garage sale chairs.


I fell in love with the shape and sturdiness of this chair!

I found two of these chairs at a garage sale for $45. I had them reupholstered in a gray hounds-tooth. I love them!

Living Room Window Treatments

My teenage daughter helped me choose this fabric. I think she did a great job! I decided to pair my living room window treatments with dark wood bamboo blinds on my back door.

Even my bookshelf received a makeover. I found some unique things from the flea market and local junk stores. Remember to add a little greenery to give some freshness and color to your bookshelves.

One Cool Coffee Table

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the flea market? I found this awesome, cool, unique, magnificent, and stunning coffee table early one Friday morning.  It pays to get to the flea market early!

I purchased three large jars, and filled them with all kinds of beans. I placed them in a tray that has a mirrored bottom. When the evening lights hit the mirror, it shines and illuminates the jars.

This chair is a T.J. Maxx find. I’m not a “fashionista”, but I fell in love with the design of this chair.

A quick look at the before:


Ever say to yourself, why didn’t I know about this years ago?

I am a huge lamp person! I love them! I love the ambiance they create in a room. But, my husband always complains that he could come to bed 20 minutes earlier, if he didn’t have to turn off all my lamps!

So, this little gadget is a wireless remote control! I click a button and turn off all my lamps in my living room one at a time!

You can control 5 lamps! You simply plug your lamp into the switch socket, and you can control your lighting up to 60 feet away! My husband has never been happier!

This DB-Tech Wireless Remote Control is fabulous! Why didn’t I have this years ago?

Living room design ideas can be done on a budget.  It takes a little more work and time hunting down bargains and affordable ideas, but it is worth it every minute.  When it is all completed, it will make your buttons pop with pride.


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