How to Make an Ottoman – Vintage Milk Crate Turned into Unique Ottoman!

I researched many ideas on how to make an ottoman.  But, it was my husband who came up with not only a fabulous idea, but a really cheap rustic furniture idea!

We were in the process of giving our living room a makeover.  So, I drug him into an antique store in hopes of finding some unique and eclectic accessories.  He spotted an old milk crate, and a light bulb came on.

Want to Know How to Make an Ottoman?


Coming Up With Something Unique

We were on a pretty tight budget for our living room. So, we really wanted some unique living room decor ideas that fit into our budget.

Sometimes finding something really unique, means stepping back and seeing that object in a different light.  “What else could I use that for?

We (okay, he) found this amazing vintage milk crate for $25, and thought it would make a great ottoman.  Our living room isn’t huge, so a large ottoman was not going to fit the bill.

A Little Bit of Carpentry

The first thing we did was cut a piece of plywood to fit the top of the milk crate. (again, there was not a we, there was a he)

This particular milk crate had little feet on the bottom.

My husband cut out notches though a third of the plywood so that the board fit snugly on top.

Next, I cut a piece of  2″ foam to fit the top of the plywood board.  You can find foam at any craft or sewing store.

Now, the fun part; adding your decor fabric.  I chose a heavy weight fabric for durability. Our home is full of kids, dogs, and chaos.

Break out the staple gun!

When beginning to upholster the board, staple one staple in the middle of each side.  Flip the board over and make sure the fabric is straight and even.  Then begin stapling the rest of the fabric, keeping the tautness of the fabric even all the way around.

When the fabric is a heavy weight fabric, the corners can be tricky! Carefully, snip off extra fabric to eliminate bulk,  then staple to the board. Once you are finished stapling, run a hot iron over the top and sides of the fabric.

This DIY project isn’t difficult.  And, if you are looking for cheap living room furniture, this little ottoman fits anybody’s budget!  Search for something unique to use, and have fun with it!

I love how this DIY project turned out!   It makes a fun conversation piece.

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  1. VintageBeachgirl says

    What a great idea! I have an old beer crate with the name painted on the sides, it will be perfect!! Thank you so much!! VBg

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