Graduation Party Decorating Ideas – Easy DIY ideas!

Are you looking for graduation party decorating ideas?  My daughter recently graduated from high school, and our church threw a party for all of the graduates.  I was in charge of decorations, so off to the craft store I went!

I’m also sharing some graduation cake ideas, and party food ideas.  (Cake, my favorite!)

Graduation party decorating ideas

Fun Graduation Centerpiece Idea

Here is the main centerpiece for the graduation party .  I know it looks a little difficult, but I promise it is easy.   Everything was purchased on sale.  The total cost was around $20.


Gradution party decorating ideas


  • square chipboard
  • gold glitter
  • wood  numbers representing the graduating year
  • tassels
  • two cardboard books – different sizes
  • acrylic paint – Burnt Umber, Soft Black, Red, and Off-White
  • white paint pen
  • hot glue and Elmer’s glue
Graduation party decorating ideas


The first thing you want to do is paint your square chipboard using an off-white acrylic paint color.  Give your chipboard two coats. Let dry completely.

Graduation party decorating ideas

Antiquing the Chipboard

Once your chipboard is completely dry, you can antique it with the color Burnt Umber.  Whenever I do a paint project, I love to add texture and depth.  This is done by antiquing something you have painted, or adding different tones of the same color.

How to Antique:

Pour out a little of the paint onto a plate.  Add a few drops of water to make the paint very thin.  Wet a paper towel slightly.  Next, dip your brush into the paint, and brush over a section of the chipboard.  Then take your paper towel and gently wipe the paint off.  It is that easy!

Graduation party decorating ideas

Making the books look real

Time to paint the books.  Paint the pages of the book with off-white, and paint one of the books with soft black, and the other with red.

Graduation party decorating ideas

Making the book pages

Here is the red book after it has been antiqued.  It really makes the book look real!

Graduation party decorating ideas

A well written word

Grab your white paint pen and write the word English on the red book, and Math on the black book.  Write in all capital letters.  Don’t worry about being perfect, I have a little trick that will make your letters look fabulous!

Making Printing Letters Look Fabulous!

Graduation party decorating ideas

My secret to neat handwriting

Tip:  Make a straight line where the sections of the letters end.  It makes all your letters looks straighter.  Easy idea that makes a big difference.

Graduation party decorating ideas

Neat handwriting secret


Graduation party decorating ideas

Glitter, all a girl needs.

Now it is time to glitter your numbers.  I brush on Elmers glue, then sprinkle on the glitter.

Graduation party decorating ideas

Graduation Centerpiece

Now, all you have to do is hot glue the tassels onto the books, and hot glue everything else onto your chipboard!

More Graduation Party Decorating Ideas

Graduation party decorating ideas

Easy Graduation Centerpiece

I needed several table centerpieces for our graduation party.  These were easy to make, and very inexpensive.  Each centerpiece cost me $5!

Graduation party decorating ideas

Glass Jars

 I found the glass milk bottles at the craft store half-off for $2.00 each.

Graduation party decorating ideas

Elegant Flowers

My favorite flowers to use in live arrangements are called Alstroemeria.  They are inexpensive and last a long time. This whole bunch cost me $7.99.

Graduation party decorating ideas

Arranging flowers


Graduation party decorating ideas

Adding a fun tag

 I purchased chalk labels and a chalk pen to make these tags on each bottle.

Graduation party decorating ideas

Chalkboard fun!

Another cool idea is to purchase a cheap chalkboard and place it on an easel!  Don’t forget to use my letter technique to make your printing neat!

Graduation Cake Ideas

Graduation party decorating ideas

Graduation Cake Idea

Take a good photo of your graduate and have it put on a cake.  I loved the way this cake turned out.  The blonde is my munchkin.  We kinda look alike!

Graduation party decorating ideas

Fun Graduation Cake Idea

This graduation cake was made by Erin of The Three Little  She makes fabulous cakes, and has great tutorials and recipes.  Stop by and say hello!

Two Fun Graduation Party Food Ideas

Graduation party decorating ideas

Graduation Party Food Idea


Yummy Ho Ho Diplomas

Use ribbon in the schools colors and wrap around each Ho Ho.  What a fantastic idea.

This is a photo I saw on Pinterest.  I would love to give credit where credit is due, so if this is your creation, please let me know!

Graduation party decorating ideas

Cap and Gown Desserts

This is simple and easy!  Use small Reeses cups for the base and Lindt or Ghirardelli squares for the top.  Then purchase a small tube of red icing for the tassel.  One of my friends made these for the party.  They are so cute!

I hope these graduation party decorating ideas help to make your party turn out fantastic!  Ours was a ton of fun!   This graduation party was for my last chick leaving the nest.  I may have cried a little.  Okay, maybe more than a little.

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