French Country Living Room

Create the French Country Look in Your Home

Are you looking for French Country living room ideas? Are you trying to figure out how to acquire this timeless style for your home? What I find so appealing about French Country decorating is its’ ability to add charm and beauty without being pretentious. The colors can be bold, or stay subtle with different hues of white and cream.

French Country living room
There are many different interpretations of the French Country style. But, don’t let this confuse or frustrate you. Remember, this style is all about livability paired with individual character.

Some people like to decorate with an array of different white hues. It is calming and serene. Slipcovers are a staple with this style, along with salvaged architecture, white ironstone, and rustic furniture.

Other people like myself, love to embrace bold colors instead. Decorating with curved furniture, gilded painted mirrors, painted furniture, and splashes of red.

Let’s take a look at both of these different styles.

Where to Start?

So, where do you even begin to create a French Country living room? When I meet with a new client, the first thing I have them do is tell me what they like and don’t like about their room. What particular pieces they want to stay, and what they want to go.

So, this is your first step. Make a list of what you want to keep. Then make a list of what you don’t like. Do you want to change the draperies, or replace some furniture pieces and accessories?

Decorating With Neutral Colors

French Country LIving Room

I love French Country cottage furniture. This is a beautiful armoire by Marie Svensson from Vita Ranunkler blog. Marie’s home is decorated beautifully in delightful timeworn hues of white. Her home is located in Sweden.

She and her husband built this fabulous armoire from old doors, and it houses their television.

French Country Decorating
If you like the soft whites for your decorating palette, white ironstone is a perfect choice to use for your accessories.

French Country living room

For draperies, consider soft neutral colors. Linen is an excellent fabric choice paired with white furniture, and soft patina colors.

Decorating With Color

French Country Living Room

Red is one of my favorite accent colors. It just seems to cheer up all the other colors around it! These curtains have a beautiful red gingham fabric that has been paired with a complimentary floral pattern. Large pieces of either faux finished furniture, or hand painted furniture are just one of the staples found in French Country decorating.

French Country Living Room

Most living rooms have a fireplace. Learning how to decorate a fireplace can sometimes be a little complicated, especially, if you are mounting a television above your mantel.

French Country living room

I love candle sconces. The slightly colored glass on the sconces really gives an Old World look.

French Country Decorating

Pillows that are made from linen, ticking, or lace fall right into the French Country style. These decorative sofa pillows are from Sutton Place Designs. At Sutton Place Designs you will find beautiful custom made pillows and table runners made from vintage grain sacks, flax linen, and ticking.

French Country Living Room

French Country decor and accessories are usually a mix of timeless pieces that can be romantic, or full of whimsy. Have some fun with your choices. Choose things that appeal to you and make you happy!

I always like to have a mirror hung in every room. The wonderful thing about mirrors is how they reflect and bounce light throughout the room.

Choose some accessories that have the color black. Here the candlesticks are decorated with hand painted gold leaf.

French Country Living Room

Shop flea markets and local antique shops to find unique furniture pieces. Don’t be afraid to paint furniture!

Remember, creating a French Country living room is about following a few guideline styles, and learning to incorporate your own personality into your decor.

Good Luck Decorating Your Living Room!