Make a Fall Pumpkin Topiary

I just adore the fall! This fall pumpkin topiary is easy to do, and is simply gorgeous on a front porch or any entryway! Plastic, carve-able pumpkins from a craft store make this project so easy!

Nothing is more beautiful for fall decorating ideas, than an entryway full of pumpkins!

Purchase your plastic carve-able pumpkins in three different sizes. You will want small, medium, and large. If you don’t want to paint a monogram on your middle pumpkin, then purchase three orange pumpkins and skip using a white pumpkin in the middle.

You want to remove the stems from your middle and bottom pumpkin. Most carve-able pumpkins already have a hole in the bottom, but if they don’t, cut a hole in the bottom of all three pumpkins.

You will need Styrofoam blocks and a dowel rod to build your topiary. Place your Styrofoam block into your container. Make sure to shove your block down as far as it will go. Your block should fit very snug in your container. For a sturdier and more permanent solution to keeping your dowel rod very firm in place, you can also use expanding foam. You can find expanding foam in a spray can in your local home improvement store.

Depending on the container, you may want to add more than one Styrofoam block. Next, place your dowel rod in the center of your block and push it down until it hits the bottom of your container. Don’t worry about your rod being too long, you will trim it in the next step.

Now you are ready to stack your pumpkins. After you stack the first two pumpkins, it will be easy to see where you need to trim your dowel rod. Make sure not to trim it too short!

You can add fall florals under the bottom pumpkin, or just stuff Spanish moss under the pumpkin. Both will look great!

If you wish to add a monogram to your fall pumpkin topiary, find a font you like and size the letter to fit your pumpkin and print it out. Cut around your letter and hold it up to your pumpkin to make sure it will be just the right size.

Next, attach your letter to the pumpkin with some pins. Take another pin and gently poke holes in your pumpkin following the outline of your letter.

Take a pencil and play “dot-to-dot” following the pin marks to outline the letter. Paint your letter with acrylic paint and then spray with a sealer when finished. You do not want to use a brush on sealer because it will smear the paint!

I added a few extra swirls, and painted some small leaves. If you want your pumpkins to be really shiny, spray them all over with a high-gloss sealer.

To top off your pumpkin topiary you must add a bow!

Wasn’t that easy? I hope you had a great time making your topiary!

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