Beach Themed Bedroom – Easy and Cheap Decorating Ideas!

Do you drool over beach themed bedroom ideas on Pinterest? Would you like some easy and affordable beach house decorating tips? Well, you have stopped by the right place! Below are some great ideas to get you started on a fabulous bedroom makeover!

This is my master bedroom makeover. I was in desperate need of a bedroom makeover. Of all the rooms in your home, the master bedroom should be your oasis and retreat. You deserve to have a beautiful bedroom to escape from the world!

Paint Color

This first decorating decision that was made for this room, was choosing an interior paint color. I wanted to go with gray. The color gray is soothing and serene. Now, I am betting most of you have already had those frustrating decorating moments of trying to choose a paint color! Well, it doesn’t matter if I am an interior decorator, choosing paint color can cause me to hyperventilate!

Unfortunately, there are so many grays out there to choose from! I had five sample quarts of gray before I finally was able to make a choice. Grays can either lean towards a green hue, or a blue hue. I really wanted the gray I chose to lean towards blue. The color I finally decided on is called “Gray Shell” by Porter Paints. It turned out lovely.

Beach Bedding

Your next step is finding some beach bedding that will go well with your paint color. Bedding is always difficult for me to find on a “budget”. So, I look in several different stores and mix and match my bedding. You don’t have to have a “bed-in-a-bag” set. Don’t be afraid to pair different designs and colors. Just keep your colors all in the same hue.

To create a beach themed bedroom, you want to draw from the natural colors of the beach. Choose soft colors such as blue, green, tan, brown, white, cream, and gray.

I wanted to add another layer to the bedding for interest. So, I took a matelasse coverlet that I found at a discount store and cut it in half, and hemmed the unfinished edge. This lays at the end of my bed and really completed the look.

I talked about when you are creating a beach themed bedroom, that you want to stay with all of the natural colors. Also, think about the beach’s natural elements when choosing accessories. How do you do this? Well, the pillow in the photo above that I found at a discount store, imitates the look of sea coral. It was the perfect accent on the bed!

Beach Cottage Furniture

So, what defines beach cottage furniture? Beach cottage furniture is all about wicker, rattan, and painted wood. It is casual, inviting, and comfortable.

This headboard was made from an old door that I paid $20 for at an antique shop. My helpful husband framed around the door, and then painted it a cream color. Then I faux finished over the paint with antiquing gel.

I couldn’t afford brand new furniture. So, I painted my dresser a very light cream color. When you are decorating on a budget, you have to do some DIY projects. This furniture makeover only cost me the paint and knobs.

Shop garage sales, discount stores, and Goodwill stores to find a used piece of furniture for cheap! Don’t be afraid to paint!

This rattan bench was perfect for this beach themed bedroom. I found it at T.J. Maxx. It was discounted because of scratches. Well, the beauty of beach house decorating is that scratches and dents just give beach cottage furniture more character!


Keep your accessories to a minimum. Choose your beach decor wisely. If you over-accessorize a room, it becomes cluttered, rather than serene and calm.

Every accessory you choose for your beach themed room should remind you of the beach. If you look at these lamps that I chose above, you see glass, linen, a look of broken glass, and the base of one of the lamps looks like sea shells.

I love floral arrangements in a bedroom. Look for arrangements with mostly white, cream, and green. You want to have an arrangement that is airy and elegant. Make sure that floral container fits within the beach style. Learn to make your own floral arrangement.

Add some silver frames into your decorating. Just remember not to go overboard.

Cheap and Easy Wall Decoration Idea!

Now, I know this is a unique frame, I found it at the flea market. It is an old tin roof, hammered around wood to make a frame. However, the idea I want to share with you can be used with any frame!Find some vinyl wall words at your local craft store that speak to you. Then purchase a frame, remove and clean the glass, and place your words right onto the glass.

The hard part is measuring and placing your words centered in your frame. Just don’t remove your words from the paper until you are sure where you want them to be placed. How fun, cheap, and easy is this idea?

Window Treatment Ideas

Sheer window treatments are the perfect match for beach decorating. Not only that, but they are very affordable, and fit anyone’s budget!

Pair your sheers with bamboo blinds. This marriage of sheers and bamboo blinds is just perfection. When the sun shines through the sheers, it illuminates the whole room in a soft glow.

I sure hope you found some helpful hints in creating a beautiful beach bedroom.

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