Wedding Table Decorating Ideas

I prefer to keep wedding table decorating ideas easy.  Sometimes it is the simple ideas that come across the most elegant.  I don’t take on too many weddings, mostly because it is a ton of work!  I have a special decorating client, and we have a really great working relationship.  So, when she asked if I could decorate for her daughter’s wedding I couldn’t say no.

Wedding Table Decorating Ideas by

The photo above is the bridal party table.  There were 16 seats, so the table was rather long!  I placed Seeded Eucalyptus all along the front of the table.  You don’t want to place it directly in the middle of the table and crowd the place setting.  Make sure to hide the end of the Eucalyptus branches by continuing in one direction.

Wedding table decorating ideas

Next, I placed smaller pink spray roses and baby’s breath into the Eucalyptus garland.  If you look in the photo above, there are larger wine color roses, and the pink roses are spray roses.  They are a lot smaller and work perfectly in table garland.

Wedding Table Decorating Ideas Using Glass Vases

Wedding Table Decorating Ideas by

We had 18 tables to decorate.  I used glass trumpet vases, and smaller glass vases for varied height throughout the room.  Make sure your trumpet vase is at least 24″ tall.  You want guests to be able to see each other from across the table.

Wedding Table Decorating Ideas by

Here I am making last minute adjustments to my wedding centerpiece.

Wedding Table Decorating Ideas by

I found it easier to arrange the centerpieces at the venue.  Having someone help you trim the flowers as you go along will make the process go much quicker.

Wedding Table Decorating Ideas by

For the sweetheart table, I found a gorgeous vase at T.J. Maxx.  The top of the vase reminded me of sculptured wedding cake!

Wedding Table Decorating Ideas by

Here is a behind the scenes photo of me working with one of my team members.  We made a mess!  But, when you are flying by the seat of you pants, and watching the clock, a mess is just what happens!

Three Tips to Help You Create Gorgeous Centerpieces

TIP 1 –  Trim all your flowers the night before, and place them in warm water.  This will allow them to open up overnight.


TIP 2 – Use large, medium, and small flowers when making an arrangement.  Then use Eucalyptus or Italian Ruscus for your greenery.  Both are airy and flow beautifully out of an arrangement.


TIP 3 – Plan ahead!!  And always order a few more flower than you think you will need.  Accidents happen!

Good luck with your wedding table decorating ideas! Click link for more wedding decorating ideas.




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